The natural disasters occurring in Houston, as well as Sierra Leone, have people around the globe concerned, with many tracing the issue back to climate change.

Jidenna is on that train, as he is speaking out his beliefs that it was climate change that caused the destruction in both major areas in the world. While Houston underwent a horrific storm, Hurricane Harvey, which has caused tons of damage and many residents to lose their homes and all of their belongings, hundreds have lost their lives in Sierra Leone due to a mudslide after heavy rains.

Reports says that many may still be trapped in homes and buildings after a hillside in Regent, which is 15 miles east of Freetown, collapsed last week.

The Chief entertainer not only wants to help raise funds for those in need of resources in Texas, but also wants to raise awareness about climate change to those that may not have all of the information.

"Our sincere prayers and energies are going towards the people of Freetown, Sierra Leone," the singer writes. "This unfortunate occurrence is the result of climate change that has the potential to devastate many more coastal cities in Africa and the world. Let us support Freetown so that we can take one collective step towards defending all coastal cities that are at risk."

Jidenna also spoke on his beliefs with TMZ, stating that natural disasters are not a coincidence and can be linked back to climate change, which some politicians have been been skeptical about. Earlier this year, Desiigner learned about climate change from Bill Nye the Science Guy on his new show.

See Jidenna's response to the natural disasters in Houston and Sierra Leon below.

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