After pleading guilty to assault in Australia, Hopsin has broken his silence on the matter. The rapper shared his thoughts on Instagram while on a flight back to the U.S. According to Hopsin, he has not been charged with any criminal activity and the judge deemed the entire incident "trivial."

"I'll be releasing a new song in a few days," he wrote. "I'm currently writing it on my flight back home to America. I got a serious story to tell to world and I ain't holding back. The media will sabotage the perception of any celebrity just by a title. When ur in my position, the people you loved and trusted the most will be the same ones who stab u and bring u down to your knees with no remorse...which is why I am in this situation im in right now. I've given youguys nothing but realness my whole career so don't expect anything other than that. So just to clear the air, Im still allowed into Australia and have no criminal convictions . The judge read right through the over exaggerated bullshit being thrown at me and worded it as "trivial". Ive done harm to nobody. I'm good. P.S. A nigga be feeling fresh as fuck in these suits haha."

Original Story:

Earlier this week (Sept. 5), Hopsin shared that he had fallen into a dark hole and was just released from an Australian jail over "some total bullshit" that may result in his ban from the country. Little was known about the nature of the arrest, but Australia's Music Feeds is now reporting that the rapper has plead guilty to assaulting a woman and has been handed a two-year good behavior bond and 12-month Apprehended Violence Order.

The rapper has yet to comment on the ruling, though he did post the above photo to Instagram from inside a Downing Centre Courthouse elevator, writing, "No Ill mind 8 jury with me this time. It's Just me on my solo shit."

The incident took place this past Sunday (Sept. 4) after police were called to a central Sydney hotel. The judge who delivered the ruling as well granted the victim, who Music Feeds says is a Sydney-based make-up artist, a 12 month restraining order against the rapper.

Hopsin's post yesterday showed the rapper dealing with some troubles, writing to his fans, “I’m the emotional rapper, I know. Make fun of me. Do as you please. I can’t change the way I am. This may be a moment that I look back on and laugh, but right now, I’m not laughing.” The rapper had said in late 2014 that he was quitting rap to move to Australia though he continues to release music.

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