In a day and age where a majority of the new music we consume is of a party-oriented nature, it's always nice to come across songs that touch on today's current events. Fashawn, one of the most refreshing voices of social commentary that exists in hip-hop, has released a video for his year-old single, "Mother AmeriKKKa," directed by Aplus Filmz.

The visual consists of the former 2010 XXL Freshman walking around to different run-down areas of an unnamed city. As he walks, the video frequently cuts to a child (presumably Fashawn) going through daily motions. The child, who is shown to have a fascination with music, picks up buckets and pots to create a drum set of sorts. While the child's story is being told, different clips of homeless people around the city are shown.

Fashawn drops some serious conscious lines here, reminiscent of the themes he developed on The EcologyHere, he raps in the first verse about the troubles presented by the world. "Gave him ten commandments and a pamphlet to follow/This world’s like a Xanny: too massive to swallow," he says. He continues with "Regurgitated what I consumed/At times I wish I could’ve stayed in the womb." Towards the end of the first verse, he makes an interesting statement. "I even heard the new KKK is Kim, Kylie, and Kanye," he says.

"Mother AmeriKKKa" will be the featured on Fashawn's upcoming project, Manna, that comes out on Aug. 18. The often delayed project will be released through Nas' record label, Mass Appeal. Before joining the label's roster, Fashawn thought about quitting rap.

Check out the video for "Mother AmeriKKKa" below.

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