In urban communities, adult entertainers are popularly viewed as the female version of a hustler. Just as their male counterparts are trapped by black-market pharmaceuticals, the ladies mirror their position, except the product is themselves. A prime example is 28-year-old Sasha Star, a mother of one, seasoned stripper and porno actress (in her off time she worked the pole for Jeezy’s Gabriel Hart–directed “Welcome Back”). For this Toledo, Ohio–born, Memphis-and-Atlanta-raised go-getter, it’s not about America’s societal opinions or capitalistic hypocrisy—

just its dead presidents.

So how far does your penchant for performing in front of cameras go back?

[When I was] like 17, 18, me and a boyfriend was foolin’ around one day with a video camera. I just thought it was funny to be on tape… My mom don’t like [me doing porn] at all, though. I had good schooling, so she was really disappointed. But there’s certain things I don’t do on tape, so I don’t think it’

s a complete disgrace.

How do you separate personal from occupational sex?

At the end of the day, it’s just my job. It’s what I do to pay my bills and take care of my son. That’s why I don’t have a man, because I think it’

s more important to make money than have a boyfriend.

Which do you prefer, stripping or doing porn?

I’d rather strip, but the money ain’t the same no more. Jeezy and ’em still make it rain, but now with this recession, shit’s crazy. People don’

t [regularly] come in the club and pour buckets of money no more.

Will you continue doing adult entertainment, or do you have an exit strategy?

I’ma stop doing porno at some point because of my son, but as long as I got this shape, I’ma keep dancing. I love money. Not to be conceited, but I’m the shit. So if you think I’

m cute, gimme some money.-BONSU THOMPSON

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