Estelle teams up with Honda for "Off the Record" closed recording session. Cameras tagged along as Estelle put a stripped spin on her Empire soundtrack smash hit ballad "Conquerer."

The British songstress best known for her 2008 single, "American Boy" featuring Kanye West also opened up about dealing with setbacks after initial success and she's learned from her time spent in the music industry thus far.

"I think the most important part has been adaptability because every day there's something that's different about the industry. I figure I've been here this long, I shouldn't be one of the people who takes whatever's left," said the 35-year-old. "It's continual hard work and continual laser focus belief."

And much like Honda's new HR-V, Estelle keeps it moving even when times get tough. After "American Boy" won her a Grammy in 2009 for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Estelle's third studio album, All of Me (2012) failed to build on her international success. But with more than ten years in the business, Estelle didn't falter. She went back to the drawing board and expanded her sound. The message of "Conquerer" is just that; one of personal perseverance and strength.

"I haven't stopped to think about where I am in my journey. I'm literally just like, 'Ok, where do I want to go now?'" explained Estelle. "We're moving forward and with that, we'd say film, TV, producing. And I've been really blessed to meet people to see how they've done it and turned it around."

Check out Estelle's moving performance and interview in the video above for Honda's "Off the Record."