A little over a month after dropping his debut album, it looks like the form of D.R.A.M.'s next project has already taken shape -- and it heavily involves a neo-soul legend. During a recent appearance on Rap Radar, Erykah Badu compared the Big Baby D.R.A.M. artist to Ol' Dirty Bastard, George Clinton and D'Angelo before revealing that she and the "Cha Cha" performer have worked on an EP together.

Apparently, their song "WiFi," which appeared on D.R.A.M.'S debut album, was originally meant to appear on their EP, but they ended up using it for his solo project instead. When the two were in the studio together, Badu was left impressed by D.R.A.M.'s demeanor and approach to song making.

"I was intimidated. He has something very special," Badu tells Rap Radar. "The way he writes, the way he performs, the way he fills a room with his presence," she continues. "And he knows who he is, and you get the sense that he knows and appreciates who he is and he doesn't allow infiltration."

Badu didn't give any word on a release date for the upcoming joint-EP, but we hope it's coming soon. This bit of info arrives about two weeks after D.R.A.M. told the folks at Brooklyn Magazine that he'd worked with rock legend Neil Young. “I worked on one of his records, he worked on one of my records,” D.R.A.M. said of collaborating with Young. “It was really, really cool, man. I mean, a guy from the old school, like, a real, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer. Just embracing my take on music, my sound, and the fact that I’m able to collaborate with someone so legendary, from a whole ‘nother side of the spectrum… it’s monumental. It’s one of those real defining moments, like, ‘you’re really out here.’"

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