Dark Man X is back! After making his long awaited return with "Moe Wings" earlier this year, X seems dead set on returning to his glory days of chart-topping club anthems. DMX and fellow rap vet/Ruff Ryder Styles P link up for the new track "Still Scratching," released over the weekend.

Each rapper attacks the beat with his own brand of braggadocio, with X doing background growls the entire time. Styles P starts things off.

"Had to rob mad shit to get me through life/Had to blow mad trees to get me through nights/Coward ass niggas really get me too tight/Load up, let it off, niggas whole head is off/Piss down your neck motherfucka, you was better off."

X takes a stab at the chorus and reassures his dominance on the mic.

"Ask you 'do you know who the fuck you playin' wit?!'/Evidently nah, I rep the R!/Prescription, no description of what you saw/Whatever happened happened, it's in the past/That's why these new fake niggas ain't gon' last."

DMX made an appearance at the Bad Boy Reunion last month and even though he was never signed to Puff Daddy's label, the grizzly-voiced rapper got one of the warmest receptions from the Barclays Center that night.

X is reportedly working with Swizz Beatz, his longtime beatsmith, on a long awaited return album. This will mark Dark Man's first album in four years since 2012's Undisputed. Check out the track above and judge for yourself if X's aggressive bars are still up to par.

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