Yikes. Someone isn't too happy with the current climate in radio. Legendary West Coast radio man, DJ Skee, announced today that he would be quitting the radio scene because he's longer enthralled by the idea of it.

"Tonight, I'm announcing my resignation. To be blunt, I'm just not excited about radio anymore," said a depleted Skee, on his Youtube Channel.

Skee has proven to have a incredible track record. He has been on the radio since he was 16 and has been working for Sirius Radio for over the past nine years.

Skee cited a plethora of reasons for his shocking departure. He blamed that repetitive playlist, endless commercials, and being limited in what he can play, caused him to call it quits.

"Radio sucks. It changed drastically from when I was kid. Growing up, there was a certain aura and magic to it. I remembered being glued to my favorite DJs and shows every single day to discover the latest music, hear my favorite artists, and be apart of what was truly the first and original social network."

Skee didn't reveal any plans that he had for the immediate future. So, it'll be interesting to see what his next venture will consist of.