Wanna know how to crack the code of your dream girl? XXL intern Christian Bonoan (@chrisakachise) has you covered. He met Melanie Iglesias and April Rose of MTV2′s Guy Code and had the lovely ladies lace him with game from a dime piece’s perspective. They shared some tips on approaching and wooing a beautiful woman and Christian took notes to create the Dime Code. XXL will drop a new tip from the ladies each week, so be sure to check back and tune in to MTV2 at 11 PM EST to see Melanie and April dish out their interpretation of the laws of manhood on Guy Code. — XXL Staff (@xxl)

#3 Be You & Stay Within Your Budget

XXLmag.com: So there’s no money minimum a dude has to spend on the first date.

Melanie: Money minimum?!?! What?!?! NO!!! It’s just about having fun. Stay within your budget too.

April: If you try to impress a girl on the first date, then you’re gonna let her down big time and she’s gonna ditch you like that.

Melanie: That happened to me before, my ex picked me up in some Rolls Royce that wasn’t his. At first I didn’t care, I was just like, “Why’d you do that?”

April: Money isn’t important, it doesn’t matter if you have a piece of shit job, or a piece of shit car.

Melanie: Yeah! Even if you drive a hooptie or whatever.

Melanie: I’ve dated guys, even recently, who don’t have much. But they have a dream and ambition, they’re going after it, and I don’t care! I’m down with that. I was dating a guy recently who has a start-up company, and hasn’t done anything yet. Even though the idea may seem so far-fetched, if you believe in yourself… That’s it! You’re gonna be fine! And if a girl cares too much about the material stuff anyway, than why would you want to see her? You want somebody who could ride with you till the end.