This year Halloween falls on a weekend, and XXL and went trick or treatin’. The end result is 10 Halloween stories and memories from some of your favorite artists. From getting bombed with eggs and actually doing the bombing to spending a night in jail and rockin’ a party in London, we got you covered with a few tricks and treats. —Compiled by Adam Fleischer, Jesse Gissen, Nicki Nahmeanez, & Anslem Samuel



When I used to live on 144th Street—this is when me and Vado used to live like two buildings away from each other. So the whole Most Hated thing was like 144th and Lenox and like 142nd and Lenox and like 140th and Lenox. [Outside of that radius] wasn’t always cool, you know what I’m sayin’.

So I went to the store to get somethin’ for my moms, I’ll never forget and I just started hearing like bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp. It’s coming from the roof and it’s these older dudes from the block, they eggin’ or whatever, so I ain’t trippin’ on that. So I get to the corner store and they don’t have what my moms wants so I gotta walk to 143rd, so I gotta leave my block.

Now you know when you go to the store and you young, that store on the corner is your store. Now the other stores, that ain’t really your store to be goin’ to like that unless you gotta couple a your homies with you and y’all goin’ and then you walk back to your block.

I dunno why on Halloween I thought I was tough and I wanna go to that store on 143rd and Lenox. Now I’m already breakin’ the boundaries between 144th and 142nd; I’m playin’ it real close.

I’ll never forget, I got in that store and it’s five people and my man D Smash, we’re very cool now and he’ll bang for me right now, but he came in there in all black with a ski mask and when he saw me he just smirked and he said to himself, “Oh, yes.” He went back outside and just waited. I was like, “Wow,” so I jumped behind the counter. I’m thinkin’ maybe they’ll think I ran out the store or somethin’ like that [but] they right in front of the store waitin’ for me, they not goin’ nowhere.

So the man in the store was like, “Man, you gotta get outta here ‘cause they about to bomb my store,” but I was young at this point, like 14, and it’s only eggs but you still don’t wanna get egged, man. And back then I was a short lil’ chubby dude so I wasn’t really that fast. I’m like, “Whoa, they ‘bout to have they way with me.” So I jumped over that counter and I tell you no lie, I jumped over that counter and I just booked out the store.

All I remember is feelin’ pop, pop, pop on the top of my shoulder and if anybody know Lenox Ave, 144th and Lenox, I hit that corner and that turn that night, I was on a capital L that night. I was like boom! The next thing I knew I was in the building and I don’t even think they chased me that far, I just think they egged me on Lenox. By time I got to the block, I was just runnin’ from my own footsteps. But they just egged the shit outta me. But yeah, shout out to my man D Smash, I’ll never forget that night, man. You was dead wrong for that shit, man.



I remember when I was probably like 12 or 13 in Canarsie, Brooklyn and me and my boys—there was probably like eight of us—and we was runnin’ around bombin’ everybody we saw with mad eggs. We used to freeze the eggs sometimes, too.

So we walkin’ and we see a couple a cats, like five kids, and we was like, “Oh, we about to bomb them.” So we creepin’ up, right, then when they hit the corner it was about 60 people. Yo, I’m not lyin’, it was about 60 kids and they was all from Canarsie High School and we was just junior high niggas.

So we was runnin’ and ringin’ people’s doorbells tryna get in the crib. I knocked on this one lady’s door so hard. When she came to the door, she looked and said, “Uh uh,” and that’s all I remember. I turned I turned around and booooommmm! They hit me in my face with the egg, man, and that was it.

When I came down the stairs, one of the dudes was like, “Yo, chill, chill, that’s my little man, Rob. Yo, yo, chill. Y’all wildin’.” That was my cousin Gotti who’s locked up right now, he was well respected and he was like, “Yo, chill,” so it was cool, and we just went with them after that. But that was crazy. Like we thought we was slick about to creep up on them but they had 60 more niggas behind ‘em ready to bomb our ass. That shit was funny, though.



Halloween’s not like my favorite holiday but I dress sexy to the [Halloween] parties. I never got egged or nothing like that but when I was younger in Brooklyn we used to go on the roof and my mama used to let us throw eggs at people. I think that’s a Brooklyn thing [laughs]. But when I was younger I used to toilet paper people’s houses and stuff, but I never really had no horror stories, thank God. I just always dressed up sexy.

I’ve been a CIA agent—that was last year—I’ve been a maid, I’ve been a soul angel, I’ve been everything… they need new costumes. I love dressing up. This year, I dunno what I’m going to be yet I gotta go shopping. Something sexy, of course…

Or, maybe I could be Nicki Minaj [Laughs]. All I gotta do is bat my eyes and I gotta get the fake butt. Maybe I should do that just for the fun, for the fuck of it, right? Which one, the pink wig or the green wig? Oh, my God, that’s hilarious.



[Me and my boys] were walking up the street during Halloween and we were all dressed up—I had the Jason mask on. We’re walking and all of a sudden we hit this corner, and it’s like no one is on this street we’re trick or treating [on]—and we were older kids trick or treating. You know, those assholes?

I had toilet paper in my backpack, and we were getting ready to toilet paper houses. So I was walking and all of a sudden a big ass crew of people are walking towards us and we’re on this dark ass street. I walk by them, and then I turn around and my homies are getting jumped and robbed for their candy. But they didn’t touch me and I kept all my candy. I just sat there and I was like, “Oh, shit!”

We were young; we were probably like 12 or 13. I was talkin’ shit the rest of the night about how they didn’t wanna fuck with me ‘cause I looked so mean and tough [Laughs]. I had a Jason mask on—they weren’t fuckin’ with me.



I really never went out for Halloween like that. In my neighborhood, it was kind of like, my grandmother was really the only one handing out candy sometimes. And, even so, it was like it’s mad dark and you always get that, “Don’t just eat your candy, take it to the hospital to get it X-rayed.” So when you turn seven or eight and you hear that shit enough, your parents be like, “You know what? I’m just gonna buy y’all some candy. Y’all muthafuckas just sit here and watch some scary movies.” [laughs].

[When I got older], toilet tissue was thrown. I’m not gonna say [if it was by me or at me] but eggs were thrown. You catch a car driving by, you fuck off and throw some shit at it… Set a bag of shit on fire on somebody’s porch… It happens [laughs]. Real shit. It was just high school shit.



My favorite Halloween memory was when me and one of my best friends got garbage bags, and we just went and got candy from all over the neighborhood. When I came back I had a good portion.

There was this one house where the lady gave us full-size Snickers. You know how excited I was to get full-size Snickers? She wasn’t cheap. I called that the rich house for the rest of the time I lived in the ‘hood. Like, “Yo, this is the rich house ‘cause they give out full candies and not that fun-size shit.



Halloween memory? Man, throwing eggs and getting locked up. I was about 15, 16 got caught for throwing eggs… I only stood in the precinct for about an hour, though, they let me go. But still that was a bad feeling. But I had to be brave about it though ‘cause the cop car was right there and I still threw it.



My favorite Halloween memory is a party that I played in London, England on Halloween. It started at midnight and didn’t end until noon the next day and I actually played for about six hours and everybody that came to the party was there in costume. You had to go through three or four doors before you got to the actual party. It was probably next to a bunch of Jay-Z parties that was probably the best party I ever played. That was the perfect Halloween.



My favorite Halloween I’d say was in 2003. All of The Roots did a show at the House of Blues and we decided to dress up as the ghosts of soul past so all of us were a different figure of soul music that passed. I was Barry White, Black Thought was Curtis Mayfield, Kurt, our guitarist, was Jimi Hendrix, our percussionist at the time was Rick James, Kamal, our keyboard player, was Big Pun. I think that was it, so basically we were just the ghosts of super music past. That was a very good Halloween.



Growing up as a kid in a New York, I don’t know if I would call it my favorite memory, but I’d just say it’s the one that stands out. Everyone used to stand at the bus stop, wait ‘til the bus door opened and then throw eggs at the bus driver. It was a neighborhood thing and it just stood out to me.

After a while I questioned that, like, you know, why is that funny. And then they used to take the eggs and let them sit out for a whole week and get rotten and then climb up on the school roof and throw it at people—everybody did it. I was like a kid in elementary school when I did it.

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