Hip-hop was celebrated in numbers at L.A. River Studios last night (Sept. 7) for the fourth installment of Boost Mobile's Where You At? L.A. concert series. Since the Slacker Radio-presented series kicked off in July, host Murs has been putting on for his city by tapping Los Angeles veterans and newcomers alike to hit the stage. The West Coast rapper kept the momentum going with guests Cozz, WC, Crazy Toones plus Daz Dillinger and Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound.

The event, which was available via live stream for viewers on their phones, kicked off with a special salute to Eazy-E—it was the late pioneer's birthday—before Dreamville's own Cozz joined Murs for a chat preceding his performance. When asked how much his mentor J. Cole charged for a feature, Cozz kept it real. "I don't know," he shared. "I don't pay those prices." Chances are Cole will be gracing his protege with a verse when Cozz's debut album drops in 2017. Although he has new music in the works, the "My Side" MC took it back with a performance of his 2014 track "Grow."

Just as fans were dapping up Cozz, Murs announced the arrival of WC in the house and things were about to get even more nostalgic. The rapper, joined by DJ Crazy Toones, was the center of a very important hip-hop memory for Murs. "I was in Tokyo on tour and spent my last $35 on [Westside Connection] album," Murs said. "That's how dope they were."

WC and Murs chopped it up about everything from how he met Ice Cube to the humorous skits on Westside Connection albums to rap beef. When it comes to dissing other artists, WC admitted he avoids the drama all together. "Where I am from beef is real...I just avoid it all together," he shared. After his interview, Toones got on the turntables and WC grabbed the mic to perform classics like "The Streets" and "Gangsta Nation." It was fitting since Tha Dogg Pound was up next.

Following a convo with Taco truck pioneer and celebrity chef Roy Choi—who also hit the stage for an interesting freestyle set of his own—the crowd welcomed Tha Dogg Pound. Kurupt and Daz discussed how the group came together among other stories of their rise and then it was time for them to do their thing onstage. "We all used to live in a one-bedroom in Hollywood," Daz said. "Me, Snoop, DOC...all of us in that one apartment." Of course they kept Nate Dogg nods going and performed Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun" in addition to their own throw backs like "Let's Bang" and "Nobody Does It Better."

The night ended with everyone hitting the stage, even the in-house band, the Jazz Eclectic. Stay tuned for the final installment of Boost Mobile’s Where You At? L.A. on Wed., Sept. 28, where Murs will be attempting to break a 24-hour rap marathon world record.

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