It would be reductive to call Charles Hamilton's career 'tumultuous.' But for the time being, he seems to have found himself in a promising situation, and one conducive to putting out music in a timely, commercially viable manner. It was announced today (Feb. 18) that the Harlem rapper has signed to Republic Records, the subsidiary of Universal through which artists such as Drake, The Weeknd, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and others have released music. To celebrate, Hamilton performed a new song titled “New York Raining” at a show in Los Angeles (watch above).

Terms of the deal have not yet been made public, but the barrage of music is scheduled to start soon. According to Republic a new song called "New York Raining" will be debuted during the season finale of Empire, Fox's Terrence Howard-starring drama about the music industry. The former XXL Freshman will have his music featured alongside the show's original compositions, which are overseen by the revered producer Timbaland.

Hamilton's refocused campaign rolls on starting with a show tonight (Feb. 18) at Los Angeles' Sayers Club. No release date has been set for the rapper's upcoming project, but it is slated for later in 2015. Wendy Goldstein, the head of Urban A&R at Republic, called the still-untitled album Hamilton's "defining work to date." Earlier this year, Hamilton broke a long silence with the brief "Correct." Earlier in 2014, an unidentified source leaked two full albums' worth of previously unheard material.

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