Cee-Lo Green has escaped one charge but not a second, as TMZ reports the L.A. Country District Attorney will not pursue charges of sexual assault, but will instead charge the Goodie Mob frontman with felony possession of ecstasy.

The charges stem from an incident more than a year ago when a woman accused Cee-Lo of slipping something in her drink, which resulted in her waking up naked in his bed. The woman had said she had a tape of Cee-Lo discussing the incident, which she handed over to police. However, the police investigation led to issues with the woman's side of things—namely that the two had been dating for months prior to the incident—which led the D.A. to drop the charges today.

However, prosecutors apparently believe that there is enough evidence on the tape recording to charge Cee-Lo with furnishing ecstasy, a felony. TMZ has reported the charge will not include intent to harm the woman. Most first-time offenders with an E charge receive probation.

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