Black Sheep is reuniting to celebrate their A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing album. Dres and Mista Lawnge are teaming up once again for a new tour in honor of their debut album's 25th anniversary.

"Mista Lawnge .. Dres... Black Sheep slam now!" Dres wrote on Instagram. "#TheMoreYouKnow Yes...this is really happening... make sure we come to your city!! We're doing A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing in its entirety... #HipHop ... O shit C."

This will be the first time that Dres and Mista Lawnge have toured together since 2005. No dates have been set yet, but the duo is currently accepting bookings. The tour could also lead to much more. If Black Sheep gets a great reception on the road, the two may head back to the studio to make a new LP.

“I really am excited to see the response we get from this tour and though music," Dres said. "[Hip-hop] has changed drastically as well the issue of samples, I would love to be afforded the opportunity for us to make a [new album] in the vein of how we did the first two. It would be costly to clear samples to that degree, but I think [Mista] Lawnge is special in the way that he can fuse sound. I, too, would bring my own special thing to the table for us to offer something that nearly everyone says is missing from the present climate... something golden. [I'm] definitely hoping for the best."

It is exciting news to have Black Sheep back in the mix. Hopefully the tour will be a huge success and fans can finally get some more music from the Native Tongues duo.

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