Big Sean is getting ready to drop his new album I Decided. on Feb. 3. Today (Jan. 24), his single "Bounce Back" is officially certified Gold by the RIAA.

The Detroit MC announced the accomplishment on Twitter today, typing, " | Bounce Back is now Certified Gold. Thank yall! Lets keep goin. up next! 2.3.17." You can view the tweet above courtesy of Sean Don's official account.

The 28-year-old rapper recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and explained the concept behind I Decided. 

“The story of the album is: imagine you went through life and you made all the wrong decisions your whole life,” Sean said. “You get to the end of your life and your at a moment where it’s like, ‘God, I did everything wrong. I didn’t work it out with the love of my life. I messed it up with my parents. I’m not doing the job I was sent here to do on Earth.’ So the album is basically a chance of like having that wisdom of an old man while you’re young and going through life and figuring it out.”

In case you missed it, you can check out Sean's new single "Halfway Off the Balcony" right here, as well as watch his performance on Saturday Night Live.

Sean also recently spoke with Zane Lowe for an Apple Music interview, throughout which they broke down the forthcoming LP track by track. The "Bounce Back" rapper also discussed Kanye West's impact on him as an artist, saying he took Yeezy's hunger, work ethic and "sense of perfection."

As aforementioned, you can find Big Sean's tweet above.

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