As entertaining as it collectively was, the Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Manny Pacquiao fight last Saturday night (May 7) in Las Vegas had some slow moments. For a while during the match, action seemed idle and nothing overly exciting seemed to take place — that is, until Showtime cameras zoomed in on Bella Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, Mosley’s 21-year-old stunner for a girlfriend, wearing a skin-tight dress and a look of rage in her eyes, took a couple of deep breaths and rose up out of her seat. And as she yelled out of anger, the whole world got a close look at her striking good looks and curvaceous figure. Women applauded her for the way she stood by her man and the fellas... Well, the fellas gazed on in admiration.

Immediately, the Cuban, Houston-raised firecracker set Twitter ablaze, instantly becoming a Twitter trending topic. caught up with Gonzalez while she laid in bed with Mosley just days after his loss. (Yes, Internet rumors of them breaking up are indeed false).

Here, the aspiring model discusses her newfound fame, her working relationship with 50 Cent, accuses Pacquiao of fighting dirty and lets it be known that she’s more than just Shane Mosley’s arm-piece. —
Mark Lelinwalla The greatest reaction last Saturday night’s fight received was when the cameras panned over to you and you stood up to cheer on Shane. Wow. I think I speak for all of mankind saying that.

Bella Gonzalez: [Laughs]. I wasn’t there to get attention. The main reason I was there was to support Shane. Of course people like seeing someone that’s behind their partner or behind their man. The camera was on me the whole time. I didn’t know when I was shown, but the purpose of me standing up and yelling was to cheer my man. Everybody was calling me and telling me that Twitter is blowing up and I’m the new hot topic. It was flattering. It was nice to hear, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t for that purpose. It was to go and support Shane. I started getting upset about certain things being said on Twitter about my relationship, so I took myself off there. I wouldn’t say off there. I just stopped being on there. I went to ModelMayhem and websites of that sort, which is more of what I’m doing.

XXL: Even a girl on Twitter was saying, "I know Sugar’s girl is on Twitter and I’m fixing to find this bitch."

Gonzalez: Look boo, I’m going to need you to check yourself because I ain’t nobody’s bitch and I’m damn sure not your bitch. Sometimes people are just negative and I don’t think I should waste my time in entertaining anybody when they’re being negative. Why?

XXL: Rappers took to Twitter just to say how bad Shane’s girlfriend is. How do you feel about that?

Gonzalez: The reason why it’s never been me put out there as, "I’m Shane’s girlfriend, I’m Shane’s girlfriend” is because that’s not what I’m trying to come out with. I do a lot of different things. It doesn’t have to be that this is who I’m with and this is why you should know me. You should know me because my name is Bella – I do modeling, I’m getting into acting and this is why you should know me. I’m in a relationship because we care about each other. But at the end of the day, I don’t want people Googling Sugar Shane Mosley’s girlfriend Bella. I want to be Bella.


XXL: Where are you originally from?

Gonzalez: I’m originally Cuban, raised in Houston, so I’m very Southern. I came out to LA four months ago.

XXL: How did you and Shane meet?

Gonzalez: I met him more than two years ago. I was with my girlfriends, he was with his guy friends. He saw me and he liked me and I liked him. I became his friend, he became my friend and maybe a month after that, we got into a relationship.

XXL: You two reside in LA?

Gonzalez: He has a place in Big Bear, California, LA and we have a house in Houston. We be everywhere, Mark. We be, everywhere.

XXL: How long have you been modeling?

Gonzalez: Modeling going on two years ago. Modeling is what I base myself in, but I’m taking 101 [acting] courses and working with a casting director. My work is based on a lot of people seeing me and a lot of people wanting to see more of me.

XXL: How’s the modeling going now?

Gonzalez: I’ve been working really hard since I’ve been in LA. I’ve been working with photographers that have a lot of credit behind them in different ranges from bondage to lifestyle to different things. 50 [Cent], we had a conversation on subscription websites, and so he’s putting me in contact with this one company that he uses on Thisis50 for every click that someone clicks on my picture it’s going to be money that I’m taking in. He’s a friend of mine. I’m speaking to him about moves I’m making and he’s extremely smart, especially when it comes to business. He gave me a lot of pointers on how money could be made and who I should get connected with. But I put everything on hold in California to come out to Vegas and support Shane. When we go back to California, that’s what he does for me.

XXL: Is it hard to watch him fight?

Gonzalez: I don’t like to see him hit. I’ll figure out what it is and say, "Come on, baby, let’s do it!" I guess I have a fighter in me, where I’m sitting somewhere and just feel like I’m going to jump in that ring and just tackle somebody. You could have mixed emotions with it – you could feel hurt, you could feel angry, but I wouldn’t say I was scared. A fight is a fight. A bad hit, whether it’s Shane to Pacquiao or Pacquaio to Shane, could be brain damage. There could be a lot of issues that go with it, so it gets me a little nervous.

XXL: What were your true opinions of the fight?

Gonzalez: I could tell you my true opinions of the fight . . . let’s just say I think there are people that should evaluate the other side and realize why certain people didn’t want to jump into the situation because there are certain things people are not investigating.

XXL: Sounds like you’re talking about Pacquiao and his refusal to take a blood test?

Gonzalez: I am talking about Pacquiao. That’s exactly who I’m talking about. I feel like things that other boxers were asking to get done are really things that should be done. Look more into it and read what other people in boxing had to say. There has to be something to it. It doesn’t make sense. Yo, come on. If you ask Shane to do a testing, he’ll say, "Test me right now." You ask Mayweather and he’ll say, "Test me right now."

XXL: What does Shane think about the spotlight being on you since the fight?

Gonzalez: [Asks him in bed]. He said, “I’m looking good, I’m beautiful I’m doing my thing and it’s good for people to realize.”

Mosley called later to say:

"I support her 100%. She a tough girl. Her pop used to box on a Cuban team years ago. She's a good girl."