The Fox 5 interview with Afrika Bambaataa is now available for you to watch above.

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In a new interview with Fox 5 set to air tonight at 10 P.M. E.S.T., Afrika Bambaataa denies allegations that he sexually abused kids.

"I never abused nobody," he tells Lisa Evers in the first part of the interview, which will premiere after tonight's episode of Empire. "It was definitely hurting and definitely crazy to hear this now when I was doing so many other works in the community at the time," he continues.

Though Bambaataa issued a statement to Rolling Stone weeks back, this is the first time he's sitting down for an in-person interview.

When asked about those spreading the allegations, Bambaataa gives a confusing answer. "Many of the people never want to speak to my other members who were of that era. They just going along with he say, she say...what they call gossip." His sentiments echo what KRS-One said about how "truth is not information."

This past week, it was announced that Bambaataa had been removed as the leader of the Zulu Nation. When asked about that, he simply says, "I will always carry the banner and flag of the Universal Zulu Nation."

Tune in to Fox 5 tonight at 10 to watch the first part of their exclusive interview.

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