Last month, former New York State Democratic Committee member Ronald Savage leveled some serious allegations against Universal Zulu Nation founder and hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, claiming in his new book Impulse, Urges and Fantasies that Bambaataa had molested him as a teenager. While King Kamonzi, the International Spokesperson for the Universal Zulu Nation, had offered comment to XXL on the matter, calling the allegations “100 percent untrue,” Bambaataa himself has now issued a statement to Rolling Stone echoing the same.

"I, Afrika Bambaataa, want to take this opportunity at the advice of my legal counsel to personally deny any and all allegations of any type of sexual molestation of anyone," Bambaataa said. "These allegations are baseless and are a cowardly attempt to tarnish my reputation and legacy in hip-hop at this time. This negligent attack on my character will not stop me from continuing my battle and standing up against the violence in our communities, the violence in the nation and the violence worldwide."

On Monday (April 11), Savage provided the New York Daily News with further details of his allegations, saying, "I’m not looking for any compensation from Afrika Baambaata. That’s not what this is about... The only thing I wanted was for this man to answer my question, why me? That’s my justice for myself because I just wanted to know why me?"

We will continue to update this story as news develops.

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