Empire's Terrence Howard may have a hit on his hands. Howard, who plays Lucious Lyon in Fox's breakout show, dropped the Petey Pablo-aided "Snitch Bitch" on last night's (Sept. 30) episode. The story behind why the North Carolina native was on Empire is very interesting. Petey Pablo loaned Terrance Howard $200 around the time Hustle & Flow was released in 2005.. Howard recently reach out to Petey to not only pay back the money, but have him come and work with him on Empire. Pablo spoke on his loan to Howard in a TV interview with Raleigh news station WRA. The footnote to WRAL's interview, an anchor notes that Howard paid Pablo back "with interest," "to the tune of $15,000." The song, which is actually pretty dope, and Petey Pablo's appearance in particular, sent Twitter into an uproar:

Last night's episode also served as a reunion of sorts for the cast of the 2005 film Hustle & FlowEmpire reunited Howard and Taraji P. Henson with Ludacris, who made an appearance in the television show as a hard-assed prison guard. "Snitch Bitch" isn't Howard's first foray into the recording booth either. For Hustle & Flow, the actor rapped "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp" which was written by Three-Six Mafia. The song ended up winning an Oscar at the 2006 Academy Awards.