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I was born in Trinidad, so I'm always going to be Trini to the bone. But I'm from Atlanta. Atlanta is where I spent most of my years, went to middle school, elementary school, graduated high school, the man that pretty much molded into what I am got molded by Atlanta.

Being a Freshman, it's definitely an experience. It's dope, or whatever. It's another obstacle in life that I'm conquering. So it's cool. I definitely couldn't have predicted it. But I did say last year—when I started doing music and the way it started to get responses—that I really wanted to be on this cover because I felt like I was a true freshman. I think the later part of the year last year I was like, ‘I just wanna be on this Freshman cover.' I felt like I was doing the right things and I had all the right criteria to be a Freshman when it comes to music. Really, I'm just a big fan of music. I love music, and I just felt like I had my own message to relay to people. So I decided to go for it, and now I'm here.

When I was younger, like 15, I started writing freestyles with my cousin. Then I stopped for a long time, and I picked it up really the latter part of 2011 and 2012. And the latter part of 2012 is when I really kicked off with it.

I put out the song first on Soundcloud, but nobody listened to it. Nobody knew who I was, period. Like, I'm a real, true Freshman to the game. That was, like, my first shit. The 10 songs on my album are the first 10 songs I recorded. With that being said, I have to work double and triple as hard to get people onto the project, to understand who Trinidad Jame$ is as a person. It's an all-day's work. When I did "All Gold Everything," I was happy I went with that visual first because I guess that was my business-mind, like, this will be the right one to define me. That's what that song is all about: It tells you what I'm not about and what I'm about; what I respect and what I don't respect. That's what it's all about. That don't mean I pop Molly every day. People take those conceptions and run with it, but that ain't got shit to do with me. I mean, my music is about real life, man. So I don't really have all that rappity-rappity cool shit for you. I like to listen to that, but I'll never be that type of nigga who tries to do it. I'll never be that person. That ain't me. I just give you my life, the way I want to relay it, and either you can relate or not. At the end of the day, you've got to think about that it is my life. So you might not relate, but if you can relate, that's what makes people listen to more of your music. If they can't relate, it's cool but they pass on. Either way, it is what it is. You listen.

I'm a real nigga. I keep it real with you. I'm a down to earth person. I'm in to the fashion that I like. I like fucking with the people that I fuck with. I still fuck with the same people that I came up with. I'm not really big on all that hoopla shit, all that bourgeois shit, all that fame. Like, I ain't ask for it, I was chose for it. I didn't beg for it; I didn't come into the game with no co-signs, or knowing no nigga, no DJ, none of that shit. My tape came out by itself. I did it with one engineer and no opinions. Fuck anybody who has something to say about it. At the end of the day when I was done with it, I liked it, I loved it, and that's it, bro. Your opinion of it is your opinion of it. At the end of the day, I ain't lying to you and I'm being real about my shit. That's all that matters to me.

I just want people to listen to my music. I want to bring back that essence of listening to music. Put it like this: Listening to Kendrick's songs on the radio now doesn't mean that Kendrick just became a good artist because you just now heard his shit on the radio. He's been a good artist; fuck you talking about? You've got to go listen to music. I want to really bring that back on the forefront, where people go and listen to albums and get away from that radio shit. It's hard, because everybody has a radio, but maybe doesn't have $16 to go buy an album. But, we'll see how it goes. I really want to work with Adele. That's who I really want to work with, personally. And for everybody else, it's if it happens. For me, I just want to work with Adele. That's all it is, period. Everybody else, if it happens it happens. This industry is weird, but if I had to put my foot down, like, ‘what do you want, Trinidad?' I want to work with Adele. Everybody else, shit, hopefully. It's like, when you was coming up you was working with anybody, just working with niggas and doing music, but now when money and all that other shit gets involved shit changes. But I ain't got time for that. Trinidad wants to work with Adele. Anybody else, if you're doing good music and we're around each other, let's work, bro.

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