Not having your phone can be catastrophic for some individuals. A person phone is not just a mobile device to call someone, but your daily planner, your best friend, your assistant, your mobile office, your boombox and your portable gaming device. As music lovers, you use your phones as a mean to store your music library on your cellar device so you can listen to it on your day-to-day. Just think about how many hours of time do you spend on your phone daily? Let XXL increase those albums by showing you 14 rap-related iPhone apps that you can download right now.

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1+ million people have played Rap Rivals to build a virtual music empire like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, or Lil' Wayne! One user even scored a deal playing the game to release a single with Death Row Records, TuPac's label, once at the center of Rap's biggest rivalry!

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Have you ever wanted to compare yourself to one of the urban dance rap superstars? Jay-Z? Lil Wayne? Kanye West?
Or Are you looking to live a crazy lifestyle?

With some practice on Rap Studio Pro, you can get yourself a rating that could change your life!!

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Battle Rap Stars® is the world’s first battle rap game capable of evaluating and scoring your rap performance. In Battle Rap Stars your mouth is your weapon, the better you rap, the higher you score!

Go head to head against your friends or battle your way past 5 famous rap icons and see if you can spit your way to the top. You'll need swagger, finesse, and a venomous tongue to make it through each round.

Featuring: PAUL WALL, World Renown freestyle and battle rapper MISTAH FAB, XXL Magazine's 2012 Freshman Class rapper HOPSIN and more!

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This simple but very effective app will teach ANYONE (yes even you) to impress their friends with beat-boxing skills

And yes, you can easily be one of them. It's simple...but EFFECTIVE. Learn how to pronounce different percussion instruments, learn how to time your beats, shake your iPhone to make your DJ scratch over your beats, and use the app as a drum machine to kick off any session.

10+ Sample loops are already included to get you started (free version includes 4). All sounds recorded and beat sequences were created by a beatboxing professional.

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Introducing the latest release from the Celeb Runner series with an entirely new addictive gaming format!

Chase the rap crew down the streets and dodge screaming fans. You have to see this to believe it!

Use fun controls to move between all the fans in your way so that you can GET SO PAID!

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Try HIP HOP ALL STAR for FREE then rock the crowds with the full version, now on sale for at a limited-time!

Rise to Hip Hop DJ Stardom by scratching and beat matching the hottest Hip Hop tracks from Busta Rhymes, Kid Cudi, DJ Green Lantern, Kool G Rap and more! Hip Hop All Star turns your iPhone and iPod Touch into virtual turntables!

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Tired of The Harlem Shake? So are we. Thats why we have captured a Harlem Shaker and tied him up so you can shoot him with a boy and arrow.

Compete against other players to get the highest score.

Choose from different characters:

Rapper from New York
Hot sexy girls in skimpy clothing

You can also change up the music in the game with 4 different bass dropping tracks.

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The first game on the App store to feature these two iconic Hip Hop stars.

Eminem and Jay-Z are having a historic concert in Detroit and you have been chosen to take pictures of them as they travel the city.

The more pictures taken, the bigger the paycheck you will receive.

If you like this game, try out our other games; Bieber Ball, Justin & Cody: Pop Star Paparazzi, Bieber Sounds, Cody Ball, Skydiving Bieber, Katy Perry: Pop Star Paparazzi, Katy Perry: Album tower, Call of Combat: Modern Assault, Call of Combat: Air Assault, and Justin & Cody: Album Tower.

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Ever dream about owning your own recording studio? With the Music Biz you can build your dream record label empire by recruiting, training, and promoting your own crew of talent.

Music Biz features custom beat mixing technology. Be your own composer! Create your own songs by mixing tracks acquired in the game and share them with your friends. Whether you're doing publicity stunts, sellin' songs, or buying better luxuries for your artists, it's all about making it in the Music Biz.

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STREET DANCER (tm) takes the tradition of the street dance fighting of the marginal neighborhoods in EE.UU where music is the only escape possibility. In this context, player would be able to choose between several characters in their race to conquer the city with their rhythms. Enjoy with the funny dialogues and with animations never seen before!

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Say's who?! Well, apparently the natives are restless when Hopsin tries to find a nice peaceful jungle to skate in. Help him escape the evil monkeys and snag up some fruit snacks on the way to unlock new abilities!

-Starring Hopsin!

-Escape the angry monkeys through 3 zones of jungle madness!

-High-paced sliding, jumping, and dodging action!

-Collect fruit snacks to upgrade your power-ups!

-Includes original music and sounds by Hopsin himself!

-Unlock alternate costumes!

-Earn GameChange every time you play to redeem for real life prizes!

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Featuring some of the baddest Dinostars to ever roam the Earth.

Kick it by the stoops and mop up the streets with some urban legends of the blacktop.

Play it cool, do your thang and skip the haters today. Record label scouts, dirty pimps, lame wannabe ballers and other distractions will get in your way, but you have the final say. Just as they've done before.

Roam the land, own the land and make them a brand!

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Join Short Dawg as he blasts through the crowded streets of Houston, capping gangsters and collecting his favorite purple beverage to transform into the invincible Drankenstein, smashing through cars with a rocket launcher and earning bonus cash! How fresh is your ride?

Enjoy songs from Short Dawg's album "The Adventures of Drankenstein"
- Rollin' Wit a G
- Ima Stunna
- H Town
- Bone
- Engine Light
- *Plus new tracks downloaded right to your phone!