XXL Quick Hitters: 50 Cent, Lecrae, Eve, and Freddie Gibbs


50 CENT: ESPN Experts Weigh In On ‘Fif Promoting Floyd Mayweather

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith thinks 50 could make the Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight happen. Meanwhile, Smith’s colleague Skip Bayless invites ‘Fif to debate him live. [ESPN]

Lecrae Sets Gravity LP For September 4 Release

The spiritual rapper’s seventh studio album will include the likes of Big K.R.I.T., Trip Lee and DJ Khalil with production from Boi-1da and 9th Wonder to name a few. [Reach Records]


Eve Says There’s A Lack Of Unity Amongst Female MCs

E-V-E recently told MTV that she thinks Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj could do a dope record together, instead of beefing. [MTV]

Freddie Gibbs Unveils New Limited Edition EP

Gangsta Gibbs’ Str8 Killa gets limited edition vinyl treatment. [Decon Records]

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    OK, so its SET, NOV 13, the hiphop world will establish if Curtis is still relevant or not, hopefully, after his record flops, 50 will also be convinced and concentrate on being a BOSS..let go homie, sit back and relax..you made history, now let it go…do go out like Larry holmes, flaby and sick..lol..like my man Pac told us about..

  • http://XXLMAG.COM C-lo78

    Dumb day to drop an album 50! What do you think young kids will want to buy??? 50 cents new album or a copy of Black Ops2???

    • Dr. Evil

      Holy shit!!! I just realized that!!! What was 50 thinking!? O_o

  • TruNiggas

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. If u a true nigga you gon feel dis song and da flow!!

  • francis nasim

    things are almost back to street norm fif-hello interscope -hello jimmy iovine,im ready to go to school-donnybrook

  • Nicki takes an L

    Another slap in the face, huh Nicki. Don’t fuck with the Queen.

  • Samuel

    Why wasn’t The Lady of Rage included?

  • MrSoulshock44

    this nicki minaj skank is the biggest liar the world has ever seen. the girl is basically and lil kim clone. jacking ALL her styles. re-writing her lyrics. re-making her songs & videos. surrounding herself with lil kim’s former crew, taking pictures just like lil kim. but foxy is the one who influenced you the most??? that was just a lame attempt to shade lil kim once again WTF? #GIRLBYE

  • http://@jaderlukk Jader Brazil

    Nicki Minaj e Foxy são pequenas perto de Lil’Kim. Rainha do Rap

  • http://artofglenthomas.blogspot.com GT

    Gotta show love for Missy. She did it all. A super creative female who NEVER stayed doing the same thing.

  • truuuuu

    how the fuck missy and lil kim get more votes than LAURYN HILL?

    • Dub

      Cuz Lauren hasn’t dropped anything besides Mis-education, and the 2 albums with the fugees. She never started any real trends and she never stayed around long enough to really become influential. Basically, take influential out of the question and replace it with popular.

    • d-ro

      because mc lyte was better then ALL of those bitches gfy buddy

  • http://xxl JEFF225

    mia x

  • 50romance

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  • http://limolex.bandcamp.com/ Lex!

    yall bugging mc lyte is the greatest ever

  • SDK


  • jaysonmanman

    Damn, no Salt n Pepa.AAAAHHHH! PUSH IT!!

  • Prince Trin

    Nitty Scott, MC will save the hip-hop/rap community for the females come August 28, with the debut of “TheBoombox Diaries Vol. 1 EP.”

  • Fireforreal

    I think you have Lauryn Hill as a dope mc based on the strength of the fugges two albums and when she dropped her solo joint she was already praised as one of the illest but she didn’t rap on over half the classic album she released kind of like andre 3000. Regarded as a super dope mc and when Outkast both had solo discs he barley rapped on his. Then you got Lil kim who set trends but her lyrics got worst afer Biggie died and she got more popular and more plastic surgery. Mc Lyte was a cutie who hap lyrics. Not overly gangsta but not too soft. Foxy was dope when Jay wrote her shit and then she kept getting worst with each release and kept living off of her past.Eve only dates white men and now try’s to make Gwen steffani?Fergie types of tracks that are terrible. Missy is the most Creative with trying new shit and having it work more than it doesn’t. Roxanne Shante’ was a straight spitter from the hood. The only chick dope enough to be in the juice crew. I think Latifah was above average but it always seemed like Rap was her 2nd love next to movies. I wish she would have spit more hiphop lshit after her rise to movie fame so………………………………………………I go with nobody.Jean Grae is dope but too underground Bahamadia is dope but super ugly.
    Trina is a stripper who wants to rap and is terrible at it. she just try’s to be more raunchie than kim.
    Heather B was cool but not enough material to go off of. Jan e bLaze made my dick hard but She had a few good songs. Nonchalant was good at kicking love and life real shit but came out around the time that G shit,Pac fuck everybody I’m a thug shit was poppin so she flopped instantley but had a dope album. Charli Baltimore could and can spit most niggas under the table but never released an album and after 15 years…….she never will.
    Mia X was fat so end of discussion. Amil was terrible on a good day. Remy can get it and would have got a plat if Fat joe would have released her the fall after lean back. Or she never fucked with him at all. Lady luck looks like cum. But can only battle and like damn near all battle rapper make terrible songs.

  • kgurlballin

    Kim is the most imitated female rapper..from subject matter to fashion, she broke the ground on what many femcees are doing today

  • Anon

    A shame this poll couldn’t be about actual talent, it turned into a popularity vote. Lauryn, Latifah, Lyte, and Missy are the most influential IMO

  • Quills


  • MmmHMM


  • http://www.twitter.com/tonyminaj_69 Tony Minaj

    Who ever wins this “Most Influencal Femal Rapper” Category should end up on the cover XXL alongside NIC.MARAJ!…. A then & now type thing ;,,,,,D

  • sho

    I fuck wit missy and lil kim but Lauryn Hill geting less votes Really come on son