It’s no secret that Machine Gun Kelly and Yelawolf don’t like each other.

So, when MGK heard Yela insult him over the radio on Friday (June 29), he didn’t wait long to fire back.

“I love him, man,” the Bad Boy rapper sarcastically told MTV News on the red carpet for Sunday night’s (July 1) 2012 BET Awards. “You gotta respect your elders and he’s an old man, so I gotta give it up. I respect all grandpas around the world doin’ it big. Salute.”

MGK is 22 to Yela's 32. The “Wild Boy” rhyme slinger was responding to Yela, who said, “It’s probably the most insulting thing on the fucking planet to be asked to sign an MGK autograph,” on Shade 45’s All Out radio show Friday, when the program’s host asked him about being confused by fans for Kells.

Static between the two MCs dates back to last year, when MGK voiced his opinion, feeling like Yela took some shots at him during the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Shady Records cypher. To that, Yela responded that his bars weren’t targeted for MGK, but addressed the rapper anyway in an interview with Bootleg Kev: “Machine Gun Kelly, if you want it, come get it,” the Alabama MC said. “Drop your verse, do whatever you want to do. If you want to take it there, we can take it there.”

While the two XXL Freshmen probably don’t see eye-to-eye on much, they've both been vocal about their issues with their label home, Interscope.

During Friday’s Shade 45 interview, Yela expressed the feeling like he doesn’t think Interscope is setting him up to succeed.

Radioactive, the last project I put out, was deliberately given to Interscope and it was on a fucking silver platter, given to them to work,” Yela said in in reference to his major- label debut, which dropped last November. “Like radio records after radio records, purposely, was my attempt. These muthathuckas have given me one single in 11 months. You know? So it’s like I don’t really understand where the importance is lined. That’s just me being real. Every artist gets frustrated at some point, I imagine, but I’ve never been one to hold my tongue and that’s just where I’m at.”

Before that, MGK had voiced his frustration with the same label for what he felt was forcing him to record his single, “Invincible.”

“First off, I hated the song when I first did it, because it was brought to me by corporate America,” he said on a recent interview with Tampa Bay’s WiLD 94.1 radio station. “They didn’t even come to me with the song. It was like a contest between the Interscope rappers like Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar and myself, which I [later] found out.”—Jakinder Singh