Machine Gun Kelly Blasts Jimmy Iovine For Forcing “Invincible” Single on Him

MGK has never been one to bite his tongue. And it doesn’t look like he’s about to start any time soon.

In a recent interview with Tampa Bay’s WiLD 94.1 radio station, the 2012 XXL Freshman admitted that he was not pleased with the process behind the recording and selecting of his most recent single, “Invincible.”

“First off, I hated the song when I first did it, because it was brought to me by corporate America,” he said in the interview. “They didn’t even come to me with the song. It was like a contest between the Interscope rappers like Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar and myself, which I [later] found out.” He revealed that he recorded his first verse during a Halloween party, on a whim, after being told that his label, Interscope, needed the song.

“It took weeks to get me to do the song, then three days later, it was on the Verizon commercial,” he continued. “I was like, ‘Oh my God. This is crazy. This is nuts. This is cool.’ [But] I told my management, ‘Don’t you dare let them make this into a song.’ A month passes by, all of a sudden, I open up an email. They’re like, ‘Yeah. Jimmy [Iovine] wants you to records a second verse to this.’ And it had the hook on it.’ I don’t operate like that. I hate cookie cutter songs, like B.o.B. [and Hayley Williams] with ‘Airplanes,’ like [Eminem and Rihanna's] ‘Love the Way You Lie.’ You weren’t there making the song with each other in the studio. It was presented to you. I write all my hooks. When I got this hook, I was offended. ‘You guys think I’m a cookie cutter artist?’ I don’t work like that.”

Kells went on to say that he had never spoken to either Esther Dean, who sings the chorus on “Invincible,” or Alex Da Kid, the cut’s producer. Reluctantly, he recorded a second verse. “I said, ‘I’m not recording a video to it. This is not gonna be a single. Do whatever you want with it, but don’t include me,’” he remembers.

A month later, he went to the studio, thinking he was walking into a session with Lil Jon, only to see Alex Da Kid. “He’s like, ‘I hated your second verse. You have to rerecord your second verse and I want you to take out half the first verse and do half the first verse, too,’” he recalls of his talk with the producer. “I was like, ‘How ’bout you go and screw yourself?’ I basically middle fingered them, the label, and my management, and walked out the studio and had the best sleep of my life.”

He says that he was told, “‘If you don’t do this move for the biggest boss in music, your career might be over,’” in reference to Iovine. The next day, he says he thought about his friends and his daughter, went to the studio, and took his anger out in the second verse. “That’s one of the best verses I’ve ever heard in my entire life,” he said of his concoction. “There’s so much pain and triumph behind that song, because we did all that, and came out on top.”

MGK is set to release his official debut, Lace Up, later this year, through Interscope/Bad Boy. You can listen to the entire interview below. —Adam Fleischer

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  • BHazard

    Ha ha. Wow. Honestly I haven’t been too into MGK, got laced up and definitely see his talent, it’s just not my style.

    That being said, I have a whole new level of respect for the guy now. The first time I heard this song I thought it was horribly generic and didn’t even give it a chance. No I’m listening again just to hear that second verse.

    Pretty refeshing to know someone out there is interested in playing the game and not just bein a pawn.

  • Truth

    This is not a cookie cutter song lol! Its actually a great song! You’re lucky to be given this beat and to work with Ester Dean. If you don’t want to do records given to you by Jimmy Iovine, call me up or email me and I’d happily crank out a hit. This song and video is inspirational so whats wrong with that. Your flow is sick and Ester Dean is an amazing singer. Love it while it last.

  • the man

    the illuminati control your mind soul and ur body. so obey ur masters or suffer the consequences…

  • Bryce

    agree with the man…Jimmy Lovine aint nothing to fuck with you cant tell a label waht you wont do because after that all you will see are exit signs

  • kenzo

    jimmy and alex da kid can suck baby dicks

  • Wheel Chair Jimmy

    i write all my own hooks “i’m a wild boy- ima ima wild boy” genius.

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  • eaks

    What a punk ass bitch. You’re signed to a label. Your boss tells you what to do. Sorry, but if you don’t like it, don’t do it and leave. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut. I swear this dude is a retard who just wants to make a big deal of shit that’s been happening forever.

  • Couture girl

    He’s right this song sucks but that is how the industry is. They tell you what to do and try to take away your creative control to push their corporate demonic agenda. I’m glad he spoke out because now you know how the industry works. Granted yes, Jimmy Iovine is his boss but his boss has no taste that he thinks this songs sounds good. The girl sounds good. He’s a good rapper but the rhythms beat is shit. My advice to MGK get out now while the getting is good.

  • Bradley Manning

    obviously you are a cooker cutter artist… you ultimately groveled up to jimmy iovine’s balls and did the song and let them put it out…then shot the video for it after you said you wouldn’t…and changed your verse cuz the producer told you it sucked… idiot…lol wtf..

  • andrew

    this dude does not even rap at a high level….You are a ishity poet my friend…..The problem is anybody truly good at rap realizes what it turned into….We can get our money elsewhere….No respect for agenda pushers….

  • andrew

    also to be honest….I could have destroyed this something fierce….the problem is they pick uneducated half retarded people to do there bidding…look at miley cyrus…straight up hick hillbillie chick that I would never want to see or hear talk but yet she is all over tv…..why? she doesn’t ask questions she cuts her hair how she is told wears what she is told and cashes fat ass paychecks and then goes where she wants lol