XXL Quick Hitters: Game Weighs in on Drake/Chris Brown Feud, 50 Cent, and Big Sean


GAME: Weighs in on Drake/Chris Brown NYC Club Fight

Never a stranger to beef, the Compton rhyme slinger says Breezy and Drizzy should call a truce and laughs off a TMZ’s cameraman comparison of the two artists’ dispute as serious as that of 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G.’s. [TMZ]


50 Cent Wants To Start Business With Wayne Rooney
“I am all about making money and I know my man Wayne is as well,” 50 told the Daily Star about the British soccer star. “I want to become business partners with him.” [Daily Star]

Big Sean Performs With Justin Bieber on Today
Talk about a “Big” look for the G.O.O.D. Music star! Big Sean joined the Biebs for a performance before a nationally-televised audience on Friday morning (June 15). [Today]

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    game is such a looser you can tell his just editing the bits together which make him look good why not put out the full video bitch

    • King Chandler

      40 Glocc spends his life rollin up on people mad deep, he gets caught slippin and NOW dude wants a fade, GTFOH, dude’s can say what they say about Game, but 40 brought his kids in it, how gangsta is that shit really, I hope they had a firing squad aimed at him during that taping, and best believe had Game took the higher road and let dude leave without an altercation 40 Gloccs bitch ass would be tweeting 30 seconds later about how he was dolo and the BWS pussies still didn’t do shit. This shit was inevitable.

  • AZ40

    WHEN KEEPIN IT REAL GOES WRONG: So Game you gonna put out incriminating evidence against yourself. If he is a snitch you just helped him out!

  • that nigga

    What I dont understand is if they had guns on him and Game was recording it, why he aint just keep sayin” Why y’all got guns on me tryna jump me”. Then Game couldn’t edit or even reveal the footage. The truth woulda been ou there. He ws supposed to let that be known for the camera.


    respect this mans realness…worth 25 mill and never went hollywood…true MC, and a real dude…think RED..

  • francis nasim

    i’m gettin old man! game,,you’re hurting me man–i aint no homo but i wish you would learn to make an honest living in todays society without being evil-you grew up with 40 glocc-remember? thats ya piru blood-and if suge gon’ still at our age of 33 be able to tell you what to do with YOUR family, then we can no longer be homeboys-i wish you well-peace- cop the new wu out in stores jan. 11–dammm!

  • real southerner

    @francis nasim, 40 Glocc isn’t a Blood, he’s a Crip and Game didn’t grow up with 40. SMH.

  • RJ II

    Game is too skilled of a rapper. I hate that he ruins his career with these antics

  • http://xxl jeff 225

    fuck 40 glocc he been had this shit comin to him and fuck the bloods and crips to many other reason to get kill for

  • JohnnyBoy

    Didnt yall read that article about this dude Calicoe who taped himself showing off his dog and chicken fighting ring trying to show off and is now landing his ass in jail for it? This is that same mentality you trying to show off beating some dudes ass and it is gonna land you in deep shit my dude… Shout out 2 game tho his shit go!

  • jrash87

    Game..Dude.. its good that you stand up for shit like that but bro..youve just killed your rap career..filming that shit dude and putting it on the web..you snitched on your self..but good shit tho, i never liked 40glocc haha, he deserved tht shit. but man…