Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), a new artist is featured on’s The Break. An ideal destination for fans, artists, and industry members, The Break showcases up and coming talent, giving a brief introduction on the artist or group, and highlighting some of their standout music. Each month, industry insiders will team with XXL to rate and comment on the submissions.

For the month of May, Amalgam Digital’s CEO DJ Next—who will serve as one of three judges—checked out the section to see what yesterday’s talent (Big Baby Gandhi) had to offer. Check out his comments below.

Big Baby Gandhi “Been A Villain” (to see more from Big Baby, click here)

Big Baby Gandhi
Overall: XL

All the way live from the galaxy of Queens Big Baby Gandhi is certainly no Mic Geromino but on his “Been A Villain” track, sonically he is slightly reminiscent of Vordul Mega from Cannibal Ox. He delivers a nonchalant flow with a unique brand of dry humor and self mockery which although, at times can come off a bit depressing yet he manages to finesse it in an odd way where it’s still amusing. His references will demonstrate that he is a student of Hip Hop yet his style suggests that he just doesn’t give a fuck unlike the rest of the his class. He keeps it realer than Miilkbone while managing to pack a message on “Free Yourself from Illusions” which I can appreciate. He definitely needs some better production in order to stand out but after listening to his lyrics I’m not so sure he even wants to stand out - hence making him stand out. Big Baby Gandhi is refreshing.