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  • Ramel

    Always thought the line in Where I’m From was funny… Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas. When BIG was alive it really was Biggie, Nas or Meth! It was BIG was still alive, Nas wouldn’t have fallen off like he did nor would Meth! Not saying they would be better than BIG. But the rap game lost it’s competitive spirit especially in NYC when Biggie passed away

  • Live1ne

    I agree with the panel. B.I.G. already had Undeas with Un Rivera which put out Kim’s “Hardcore” album. He was making boss moves already but I think he would’ve kept rapping maybe just not dropping albums frequently. He was so nice that I don’t think he would’ve lost the lane he created for him self. He would’ve been Jay before Jay u feel me? I know for a fact that lyrics would be way more important as far as your credibility as a rapper is concerned.