16 Most Memorable BET Uncut Music Videos
BET recently took their Instagram to announce the return of the popular adult show, BET Uncut. The nightly show, which aired on the network from 2001-2006, introduced viewers to the most explicit and sexual music videos to come out at the time...
BET Uncut Is Returning to TV
Update (Aug. 12, 12:57 p.m.): It looks like this was one whole big prank. BET Uncut is not back on television, instead this was one big promo reel for their new show Punk’d.
Got 'Em!!! You didn't really think #BETUncut was coming back...Did y
Hip-Hop Reacts to the 2015 BET Awards
The 2015 BET Awards took place live June 28 in Los Angeles, and there were plenty of moments that got hip-hop talking.
As rap game greats like former XXL Freshmen Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean graced the stage, award show co-hosts and stars of ABC's Blackish Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross …

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