Gucci Mane Working With Britney Spears & Shooting Reality Show With Waka, Rep Confirms

This week rumors have been circulating that Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame were filming a reality TV show. spoke exclusively to Gucci’s publicist, Kali Bowyer, who confirmed that the Atlanta rapper is currently working on a series with Waka for BET.

Bowyer also revealed to XXL that in addition to filming the show, a very busy Gooch has been in the studio recording with pop star Britney Spears and former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland.

“We’ve been running around all day,” Bowyer said. “We’ve been shooting a video. And then we’ll be shooting another video with Kelly Rowland. Gucci’s been working with Britney Spears.  All while filming a reality TV show”

As of press time, a release date has not been set on any of the records. —Nicole LoPresti

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  • swype-matic

    Wow, this is exactly what I was waiting for, Gucci Mane and Britney Spears, AND a Gucci/Waka reality show. Fuck Nas & Raekwon. Fuck Shady and Slaughterhouse. THIS is what I was waitin for. Yea.

    • KiNGPiN

      your being sarcastic right??

      • swype-matic


    • hiphophippo

      so what your saying is fuck hip hop? i guess if you really hate hip hop go ahead and speak your mind son, it’s ok that you like pop shyt over hip hop

      • hiphophippo

        lmaooooooooooo oohh alright you were being sarcastic!!… damm dude for a second i was going to think u were on crack! :P

  • Coolin

    Shit yea! Gucci is taking over the whole rap industry way better than Jay Z. If you don’t think so than your dumber than Corky, retards. Gucci for President in 2012, Obama doesn’t have a chance.

    Little babies go back to wetting your beds and popping your zits. Let the grown ups take care of business.

    • http://xxlmagazine charles jennings

      Gucci Mane over Jay z!!!???? You’ve lost ur god givin Brain!!

  • http://xxl biged

    gucci? niggas b sniffin their socks. that nigga couldnt rap a christmas gift. wow he can ryme bed with fred. gimmie a fuckin break gucci for pres? only way hell get elected is so we can assasinate that non rappin bastard i aint hatin i like real rap-slaughterhouse,rae,nas,em. we want rap not fuckin crap. put that in ur next rap ho

  • dynamicwayne

    Why does this dude need a reality show?

  • New HarlemWorld Order

    oh shit…

    gucci mane & britney spears?!?!?

    white america is gonna be pissed!

    • Coolin

      White America will be fine with this. The only people you’ll hear bitching is black people because that is what a lot of them do best. Gucci is good for society as far as spending money goes. You on the other hand probably are not. You more than likely are on food stamps and a total drain on America. Keep being a menace to society and expecting handouts, while Gucci is making more legit money in a month than you’ll make your whole life.

      • Don mcCaine

        a menace to society? like the white dude who shot that senator? food stamps? the stuff most of the middle class caucasians who are unemployed and losing their homes use? handouts like the one the bankers got while the US has a 15 trillion dollar deficit?

        so are blacks the reason why airlines charge extra for bags?

      • http://xxlmagazine Phillyfadeu01

        ….Sounds like u need some food stamps or something!! Air isn’t getting to your brain at all son!

  • Coolin

    Your right. There are pieces of shit in every ethnicity. I just have to stand up for my white folk like you stand up for your folk.
    That’s something you will learn if you haven’t yet and that is that there are a lot of pieces of shit out there.

    • Don mcCaine

      “There are pieces of shit in every ethnicity”

      ^ yes there are…

      and as for Gucci, it seems like that team is putting in work…a lot of work…like they don’t expect him to be around for long…

    • New HarlemWorld Order

      you took that a little personally there – go take some deep breaths troll

      my hard earned money goes to taxes, so people like you can use the internet for free at the library

      • Coolin

        I promise you that my taxes each year are far more than your overall salary.
        Take your disgust for white Americans and shove it up your ass. You fall in the piece of shit category for being racist, goofy clown.

  • kingt

    yo how you say fuck nas em pussy mane cant fuck with nas em he make all them songs they be wack ass he yadig me.

  • Sha

    You know what? Britney & Gucci…..

    One loves a smooth baldy….

    The other likes Ice Cream on his face (kinda homo if you ask me)……

    Seems like a good match. This shit will be interesting….. I won’t watch.

  • Q461

    LOL @ Sha
    Yo I know you didn’t mean it but that comment you wrote gets a huge pause….” loves a smooth baldy” ” Ice Cream on his face” lol maybe I’m in a immature mood but that shit is funny to me…

    Not really checkin for a Gucci/Spears track ……And yes, there are pieces of shit of every color and creed….

    No news today about Spitta going major? Or is that still just a rumor?

    • Don mcCaine

      still a rumor so far…

      but LoLz @ the sarcasm & comedy on this thread tho’…

      • Q461

        I got mixed feelings about dude goin major…

        And yeah, Gucci’s team is puttin in work for dude cause they probably expect him to be in prison or a mental home soon enough….

  • jtm

    im not surprise but still this is hilarious.

  • kingt

    yo all them niggas gucci mane got won’t sell albums yadig me he sell albums like that yadig so fuck this fake wack ass ice cream face bitch yadig me 103 on the way nas em will eat pussy punk ice cream face bitch a live yadig me

  • kingt

    yo fuck this ice cream face bitch jeezy should have lud on 103 album and jayz 3000 kayne swizz beats just blaze em nas bunb beats from dr.dre mannie fresh the runners.

  • kingt

    yo its over ice cream face fuck gay boy pussy punk mane he wack his nigga is in ld in slow class room bunb and jeezy all day slim thug jayz 3000 kayne nas and em will ice cream face tell ice cream face fuck gay boy pussy punk mane go suck gay mans dicks die with weak wack as gay songs he put out so this not news this gay ice cream face bull shit.

  • New HarlemWorld Order

    coolin = sarah palin

  • Hip Hop Tshirts

    yea man i dont get the tat on his face of the ice cream scoops.. i mean i know he has his own meaning ..but damn the rappers are ridiculous!!!!
    follow me @moneybrown

  • mav

    them two niggas will set black tv back 20 years wit they ignorance waka should never be forced to talk for more than 3 seconds that nigga slow 4 real on some not even tryna funny shit its sad really