“Free Lil Wayne” Graf Artists Arrested in New Orleans

Six men were arrested in New Orleans yesterday (November 30) for protesting the incarceration of Lil Boosie and the forthcoming prison sentence of local rapper Lil Wayne.

According to The Times-Picayune, an off-duty police officer witnessed the suspects spray-painting “Free Lil Wayne” on the side of a building in the French Quarter, putting up a banner in Boosie’s behalf blocks away and placing police barricades and garbage cans in the street to block traffic.

They were all charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest by flight and criminal damage to property.

As previously reported Boosie is currently serving time for marijuana possession and Weezy is expected to be sentenced to a year behind bars after pleading guilty to gun possession charges last October. —Elan Mancini

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  • Beatz2Bump

    Wow. This is crazy.

    • joe p

      i guess someone should spray ” free these idiots” lol cant wait for the “free lil wayne” t-shirts SMH

  • heartlandG

    I dont get the “Free _____”<–yo fav rapper movement, you do tha crime you do tha time, free him why??? cuz he rap! GTFOH

    • that nigga

      I never got it either. Free them? How bout dont do and stop doin’ what you did to get locked up? Some stupid motherfuckers I swear! Free your minds from that crack y’all smoke before sayin that shit?

      • GregSIDE

        Wow! Look at these 2 uppity ass nigga’s. ‘do the crime do the time’ and ‘stop doing what your doing’. “You guys behave” Really? 2 porch nigga’s ridin’ for the police. Did you see all the shit they did with Wanye? You got another M-Fucca claiming the guns his and Wanye gets hauled off. They targeted him. Like they do to alot of Hip-Hop artist. It’s not like I sit around saying F the police all day every day. If you get caught up that’s one thing. But if you get targeted… Racial profiling… Come the fuck on. Police dick ridin’ m-fuccas. As far as the guy spray painting shit.. Why is this even news? Is nothing going on in Hip-Hop but a bunch of dumb asses F’n with the cops?

        • http://myspace.com/lunatic74 myspace.com/lunatic74

          Yea no shit man u niggas musta never been locked up u ol pussy ass niggas like why would u ever wish jail upon some one u douche like now i hope yer moms get cancer how bout that its not cool it u fckn pricks! fck u

    • http://myspace.com/xplicitthedon XPLICIT

      It comes from Big L he made that, ladies wanna see L niggas wanna be L if i go to jail yal probly wear a shirt saying free L.

      • zayzkidd



    this doesnt make sense to me? now THEY ass is in jail! SMH. that shit was not worth it.

  • El Tico Loco

    Free Gucci Mane … again? SMH (don’t he get locked up for every album? Release date = arraingment date)

    Free Lil Boosie (for real) … lock his barber up!

    Lil Wayne gonna be in jail kissin his new daddy!

    Whatever happened to free Mumia?

  • ApolloKid551

    Niggas kill me talking about freeing people who dnt give 2 shits about you, this a sick country cause people look 2 celebraties as their idols which is dangerous, people need 2 have “Knowledge Of Self”, they look 2 famous people 2 based their life on some rap video, people need 2 wake up the new world order is coming…

  • wednesday

    im guessing these dudes were just using the lil wayne things as an excuse, my guess is they are anarchists or some other type of radical and think by protesting for wayne and boosie they’ll win over random kids,

  • Da Truth

    Truth be told, some people need jail time. They need that type of structure in their life. I don’t wish prison on no man, but come on these dudes aren’t political prisoners. Matter of fact i’m starting to think Gucci thinks prison. He dedicates at least 6 months a year to it. The best thing for Louisiana is lil wayne & lil bossie to get locked up. At least they won’t be allowed to breed behind bars. lil wayne has what 5 kids & bossie has 7 with 1 on the way??? If you are 18-24 you still have a chance if you wake up now but for all you under 18 I feel sorry for you in so many ways. With the way these ignorate kids are acting how can you blame republicans for acting the way they act.

  • Von

    Naw let them niggas cum to jail so i can turn dem n 2 my video model when they drop that soap oh mann im so ready to welcome them wit open ass u feel me Southside stand up my ass is waterin waitn on dem i got jelly waitn see u soon bitch ass niggas licky licky sticky sticky

    • zayzkidd

      If you are gay, that’s on you but leave that nasty shiit to yourself. And the only jail you are in is in your parents basement. Lol, another internet gangster.



  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Them dudes are in lock-up working on their ‘Free Me!” campaign as we type.

  • Money Mitch

    The only one I agreed with was free Pimp C because he got a four year sentence just for falling behind on some community service. I thought that was foul they never gave him a chance to make good on his community service by giving him one last chance they just threw him in prison.

  • http://federalranga.blogspot.com Federal Ranga

    Here’s what I don’t get… why do people make Free anybody T-shirts for people who they KNOW aren’t doing life? WTF? If I know you getting out eventually… holla! Real talk.


  • jonathan bizor

    wow free weezy i think they should print more t shirts i need one

  • Face Phoenix

    I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that this is some truly moronic behavior. I mean between political prisoners, unfair mandatory sentences and children being automatic tried as adults in some trials, there has to be better candidates to support than rappers doing N#gga Sh!t. If these were truly crooked and railroaded trials I might be able to see this but 90% of these artist are just on a episode of “When Keeping It Real Sells Records”. This just shows you how misguided this generation is. They are looking for Heroes and there are hardly any left. I mean it’s sad that ppl can recite the whole 2pac catalog but can’t tell you anything of importance concerning their heritage or current events. Don’t ask about Health Care, The Potential Fall of Social Security or the crumbling structure of the American Family and Communities… We need to worry about Lil Wayne. REALLY?? We really need to stop watching TMZ and start listening to the real news sources and get motivated on issues that effect us. Because Weezy & Boosie don’t pay our bills and take care of our families… we do. Best believe when they get released they will easily be able to provide for themselves. So with that said why waste the time & energy in these meaningless agendas… get up, get out & do something that has true value and significance in your life. Stay Safe, Stay True & Invest in your future and not in the BS.

  • jojo

    This is just simply ignorant shit. Rappers are not political prisoners. I like Shyne, but he was not Nelson Mandela.

    At the end of the day, T.I. doesn’t need automatics in a gated community, neither does Weezy, and Boosie needs a carrier.

    Also, Fuck Mumia, he did that shit people.

    • Jack Tripper

      Also, Fuck Mumia, he did that shit people.

      Aww man why you gotta pull that shit out of your ass. You must be white. Mumia didn’t do that shit. Free Mumia! Now that’s one for your ass.

      • jojo

        I am neither white nor am I a Tom. At the end of the day, there are some actual brothers who are being wrongly held in prison for crimes they did not commit (Google Calvin Willis and GQ, great article). Mumia is not one of them.

        I also understand that since the Black Panthers are highly regarded in our community, we often look at the shortcomings of the American government as opposed to looking at the negatives of both parties. We need to cut the bullshit and open our eyes. After Malcolm X, has there really been a commendable militarized rebel in the black community that we can truly respect? Rather than put our fists up for criminals such as Mumia, Geronimo and Mutulu, we need to acknowledge the brothers outside of the prisons who advocate progress through persistent peaceful methods. Stop romanticizing these alleged martyrs.

        P.S. I find the Black Panthers to be highly provocative and intelligent, and they definitely were necessary. However, the means to which they tried accomplishing their goals were a plight to the black community.

        • btb

          a plight?

          self-defense is a plight?

          community breakfasts are a plight?

          the fbi almost exclusively targeted the non-violent activities of the black panthers but the media focused on their gun-toting because that was what white america felt threatened by.

          have you ever heard the term “agent provocateur?”

          btw mumia is guilty but i still think they should let him out. all the times a cop killed a black man and got away with it, who’s to say one person’s life is worth more just because s/he wears a badge.

          also fuck the “free lil wayne” “free lil boosie” shit. they can afford good lawyers, and their public profile means that the system can’t just throw the book at them. what about the real victims of the system?

  • Jack Tripper

    At the end of the day, there are some actual brothers who are being wrongly held in prison for crimes they did not commit….Mumia is not one of them….Rather than put our fists up for criminals such as Mumia, Geronimo….

    You do realize that they added additional trumped up charges to give Geronimo more times for crimes he didn’t do? Do you realize what Geronimo was up against? Free Mumia! He didn’t do it.

  • Stoh

    LMAO @ “Free me!” T-Shirt ideas

  • Brass Tacks

    Wait a min were they actually grown ass men or teenagers… sometimes the media likes to lump the two as one!

  • Ruc

    How da hell sum niggas gon protest sum shit 4 sum niggas dat dey should get through easily?…Las time I checked “Boosie Bad Ass” got da perfect voice ta be sumbody’s bitch n Wayne’s anus already knows wat a dick feels like so dem niggas ain got nuhn ta worry bout lmao. Dey gon fit in PERFECT.