Nas Attempts to Block Kelis From Spousal Support

Nas is fighting back. The recently divorced father is trying to block his ex-wife Kelis from receiving any spousal support.

The “Milkshake”singer is asking for $72,728 a month, reports, a number that has forced The N to file legal papers to the judge in their divorce case.

As previously reported, back in July, the Queensbridge-bred rapper was ordered to pay $44,000 a month in child support for their newborn son, Knight Jones.

In addition to the trying to block Kelis’ from getting spousal support, Nas is also trying to get joint custody of their child. —Max G

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  • HNIC

    And rightfully so… he should take care of his kid, which I’m sure that he will, but, I agree, that she shouldn’t get a dime of spousal support, in my opinion. That’s a perk of being in the relationship. When you split up, you’re on your own. She needs to woman up & handle her’s & stop looking for hand outs.

    Besides, the child support should be more than enough for her to live on. That kid is making more in a month, then most people seeing in a year. Kelis needs to get a grip on reality.

  • Deadly MIME

    That’s re-God-Damn-diculous!!!! seriously over 72 thou a month for fuckin spouse support. I thought she was already gettin 44 thou for the kid. I understand Nas gotta give Kelis something, but still if she want that kind of money then she needs to do another album or get a 9 to 5 cause I doubt Nas gonna give her that kind of money

  • EmCDL

    Man….what is up with chicks these days? I mean I know we in a recession and all but….damn. DAMN…..

  • balaramesh

    i love nas. but this is getting insane. it’s about time to consider taking her out (not to dinner either)

    • Federal Ranga

      CoSign…. He may have to do this bitch in for real. The kind of money he is coughing up NOW will have the kid be a millionaire before the summer of 2011. Bullshit!

      If this fails and Nas has to cough up that additional 77k, he’ll easy lose an average of 1.2M+ a YEAR. Think about that. This isn’t 50, Jay, Cube or even Wayne… this is Nas and we KNOW his wallets aint built like that…

      God help him…

      • MarloW.

        I been was saying this from the jump kill this ungrateful ass bitch

    • yoprince

      LMFAO @ balaramesh

    • MAKAVELI1671

      Balaramesh yo ass is crazy!!!!!!…..but the truth

  • sealsaa

    That’s insane, but just insane enough for the courts to issue. He’d better get himself some good lawyers. Good luck to him.

  • TheCoolest

    I knew that Nas wasn’t about to pay Kelis 72K a month,that shit Is Crazy!
    It Sounds Kelis is trying to buy herself a new Crib,New clothes, a maybach and maybe a little somthin for the kid….

  • Kid Panama

    Wtf is up with this bitch Kelis man? Fuck, give a nigga a break. Fuckin money hungry bitch.

  • True Harmony

    And don’t this nigga owe 2.5 Milli in back taxes? HELL NAW that bitch better cop a clue…

  • Mika

    for the first time in XXL posting history has every comment been one sided and rightfully so … WTF is this shit !!??! What the hell is this shit !!! This is just so sad man !

  • sean izzle

    i agree with everyone!!! WTF Nas need to take her out, growing up motherless is not too hard for that kid!! Kelis is insane and also the court and her lawyers :( she need to make another milkshake video and get some money, wish the best for my man Nas, worst for gold digger Kelis

  • Tony Grands

    Fuck the media (no shots Max).

    All the court-mandated hoops & hurdles NaS is jumping through is stressful enough, on top of not being there with his son, without cameras, microphones & paparazzi all in dude’s business. Let this man live, & find some real news to report.

    But let this be a lesson to you younger dudes… Strap up & choose wisely.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I bet a stack she don’t even take care of that seed…

  • ladidadida

    When a man gets hit up by the courts to give mad dollars to a broad. Guess what that bitch just kelis’d you.

  • geico lizard

    Damn who finally woke this nigga Nas up? He must have read Ron Mexico or Bols take on his situation. Next time Nas wear a condom and dont fall in love with a slore.


  • DownSouth

    Dang Nas. The judge must have been a…….nah, I’m not gonna say that, but the amount of cream she tryna get is ridonkulous. All I can say is boot up!


  • FnallyovrRON

    Like the saying goes,”IT’S CHEAPER TO KEEP HER!” Nas can’t blame nobody but himself for this mess.

  • Brooklyn

    man, nas shoulda seen this coming a long time ago. you don’t marry no bitch who’s first single was a song wherein she told a nigga how much she hates him. apparently she’s the kind of bitch that holds grudges for a minute. niggas with bachelor’s degrees don’t make that much money, and i doubt that bitch even graduated from high school. who needs 72,000 a month to take care of one kid? my moms took care of three on 28,000 a year. that bitch needs to fall back.

  • ryne rich

    geez louise

  • GIFT


  • Dro

    Man fuck this bitch kelis hope she don’t get shit but the child support and a pimp slap from nas

  • sealsaa

    @ geico lizard

    If memory serves me, they(nas & kelis)were seen having dinner together not too long ago. My guess is that his lawyers advised him to at least try to reconcile his differences with her. The problem is that he go married to her, in California, with no pre-nump. He’s getting screwed, and despite feeling sorry for him, you can’t help but to aknowledge the fact that he got himself in this mess. You’d think he would’ve learned a thing or two about treachary from Carmen(and he should be thankful that he didn’t marry her too), but I guess not.

  • El Tico Loco

    And what’s another L in the making is that if something God forbid happens to her. He’s an automatic at least person of interest.

    • Chilly Willy

      Not if a random XXL commenter from Cali ask his drunk-ass molesting uncle to drive around Hollywood Boulevard for a minute and accidentally run into a milkshake Brandy-style….

      I’m just sayin….

  • Mikey F Baby

    The way to go is to get joint custody and split parenting time 50/50. Then she won’t be entitled to shit, and you get your kid half the time.

  • dbys

    i’d probly have to go just beat tha bitch out fam lol 4real

  • BK’s Finest

    Of course no child needs $70,000+ let alone half than that a month to take care of a kid. But what no one understands is how the court system works nowadays. If a male celebrity is wealthy and live rich, the system feels that their child(ren) should live just as wealthy as they do. So it wouldn’t look right if Nas live in a big ass mansion in L.A., shopping in Bev Hills and eating caviar while his child lives in an average house in Queens, shops in Queens center mall, and eating mcdonalds. (Not saying he would allow his son to live that way btw) So sadly Nas will most likely take an “L” on this one.

    Lesson learned: Always get to know these women fully mind, body and sprit before you get involved with them and don’t base everything on looks. And it takes years to truly know somebody.

    • DownSouth

      True dat. Like Juicy J said, if you not involved DON’T YOU GET YO SELF INVOLVED! Dudes be too quick to put rings on the finger. Plus he should of listened to Milkshake the remix where she said “Some of yall think I squeeze by with luck, but that didn’t stop Nas from buying that new Porshe truck.”

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • Brand New

    All you Kelis haters go to hell. And the comments about taking her out…it’s niggas like you…enough said. He should not have cheated. Furthermore, he and his lawyers can only request a block. It doesn’t mean they’ll get it. I highly doubt he will. The cards are against him. Kelis…drag his ass!!!!!

    Women unite!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 14snipez

      That’s fuckin sick how could u have that much malice in your heart towards someone you don’t even know. You don’t know what type of man Nas was to Kelis, obviously he wasn’t as fucked up as you thinking the bitch married his ass. U don’t have any proof that the man cheated just like i dont, and how in the fuck do you know if Kelis wasn’t a loose goose heaven knows shes got a WHOLE lot of credit as a stand up chick with her biggest hit being a song about her tits bringing boys to the yard. It’s women like you that make niggas think twice about having kids and tying the knot. Fuck That Bullshit never in my life will i ever go up in a bitch raw i don’t care bout how wet the pussy get or how bad she wanna “feel me”. And that’s realer than real deal holyfield

      • http://xxlmag jb

        “Real deal Holyfield” LMAO!!!!

    • Chilly Willy

      Bitches like YOU are the reason niggas like me believe that bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. Which in turn hurts the real women holding it down, and end up ruining this whole man/woman relationship.

      You ain’t got shit to do with shit and you talk shit about a nigga trying to raise HIS baby !!!!

      And you got the nerve – THE NERVE – to say women unite ???

      You know what ?

      I hope one day you’ll shake yo greedy ass enough to get obscurely famous, whore out in reality-show and sextape and all that bullshit, making bread out of it, then when it’s all good, just get Federline’d the motherfuck up !!!


      • Brand New

        No Chilly Willy, it’s narrow ass minded niggas like you who ruin this whole “man/woman relationship”. The majority (not all) of you men view us women as hoes and trick from the start.

        You men think you can do whatever you please and get a slap on the wrist. Niggas been pulling this bullshit for far too long and we women are feed up you feel!

        Also, I don’t need to shake my ass to get “obscurely famous”. I’m caking out from this B.F.A. I currently hold and the M.F.A. I’m working on. I stay Brand New! Feel that…all of you lames.

        “Diamond rings and pretty things”

  • rich kid ldn

    Nas kind of deserves this in my opinion,his brother is still living in the projects and could end up like mike beck!nas let kelis and her friends stay in the mansion while nashawne,jungle,gwizz and all other bravehearts struggle in the hood

  • caino

    The other bravehearts strugle in the hood, cos they dont really wanna leave the hood, they live for the hood!! they had their chance they blow it (shout out to Beans!!)

    As for saying he deserved this is disgusting! He married this broad thinking it would work, they had a baby together, what Kelis is doing is disgusting , but karma is a bitch, so she betta whatch out!

    East End ! Yeah!

  • carol

    everyone knows why Kelis want money from Nas, for 1 he dropped her, the only good song she came out with was “milkshake, everything else she made I wouldnt even except it, if she gave it to me. she is trying to live on Nas, because she knows her music is CORNY, and CORNY is an old saying, so you know she is played out. who knows. for all we know she might of had that baby by Nas, because she knows thats her meal ticket. Kelis you and your music S U C K. go get a job.

  • latino heat

    spousal support is and will always be bullshit. once the relationship is over the free ride is over. get a job bitch! and that dosen’t just go for Nas that goes for everybody. support, alimony is all bullshit. child support is understandable, but no child requires $44,000 a month to raise. that’s also bullshit. family’s raise children comfortably on a fraction of that. these gold diggin bitches need a reality check. and these dudes need to get there prenup and condom game’s tight.

    • Chilly Willy

      Real talk !

      Why would you need spousal support ?

      “Well, I was used to live with a certain standard. I just can’t be poor.”

      Well I used to fuck you everytime I want, bitch ! I get to keep my standard and you’ll keep yours.

      If I can’t fuck the living shit outta yo greedy ass anymore whenever the fuck I want, guess what ? I’ll keep the money you wanted me for in the first place !

      If it’s over, it’s over !!! End of story !

  • Brand New

    I should have known better than to post on XXL mag anyway. Only lame niggas rep this magazine.

  • latino heat

    @ Brand New

    so your honestly telling me that you think $44,000 a month to raise one child is fair? and you agree that he should have to pay $72,000 a month to support her because she’s a failed artist that can’t make her own money?

    i’m in no way taking shots at you. if your going to school and got your own then much respect to you, shit i need one just like you, but you can’t honestly say this is fair.

    • Brand New

      I think it’s fair for “their” lifestyle. As far as the spousal support goes, marriage is supposed to be forever. So I’m guessing that support is a reminder of that. If she made more she would have to support him i.e., Britany/Kevin. You guys are always so hard pressed against us women. Men can be so cruel to the women who are the more fragile of the two.

      If you love us we’ll love you back.

      And she’s not an failed artist. She just signed with Epic. Plus, she banks like 30k a month! That’s crazy cake!

  • 11KAP

    Damn! Nas picked a loser. How unfortunate. smh. chics and the state workin together to give a nigga the shaft. that’s fucked up.

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