11 Hip-Hop Artists Who Have Cheated On Their Spouse
"I shall remain faithful to her until the day I die." Those words hold a lot of weight, especially when it comes holy matrimony or a committed relationship. Sometimes, though, love can't heal everything and often rappers resort to infidelity...
Remember These Hip-Hop Couples
There are some couples in hip-hop, although not together now, that are simply unforgettable. From Common's love affair with Erykah Badu to Nas and Kelis, check out "Remember These Couples."
13 Hip-Hop Relationships Gone Bad
Hip-hop has helmed many successful relationships but the genre has also had its fair share of fall-outs with couples too. Check out some of rap's former favorite couples that are no more in "13 Hip-Hop Relationships Gone Bad."
Hip-Hop’s 8 Biggest Weddings
With Kim and Kanye set to tie the knot any day now, XXL could not help but think of all the great hip-hop weddings that have come before. Check out "Hip-Hop's 8 Biggest Weddings."
Kelis Doesn’t Listen To Nas’ Music
Everyone knows Kelis has never been shy about voicing her ill feelings towards Nas and their divorce. In a recent interview with the New York Times, she reveled the truth behind the rapper’s Life is Good album cover and the current state of his music...
Hip-Hop Couples That We Miss
I think everyone has that favorite former hip-hop couple that they wished was still together today. Gathering up a bunch of photos of couples of the past, XXL presents "Hip-Hop Couples That We Miss."

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