Paul Wall & DJ Smallz Head to the Persian Gulf for USO Tour

Houston rapper Paul Wall will be traveling to Southeast Asia to perform for American troops as a part of the USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour.

During his stop, The People’s Champ will meet with soldiers, sign autographs and perform with Florida-based mixtape staple DJ Smallz, known for his popular Southern Smoke series.

This will be the third time that Wall has traveled overseas to lend his talents to the USO. In 2007, he performed for service members in Iraq and Kuwait. “There is no audience like the military,” Wall said in a press release. “And that is why I always look forward to touring with the USO. Every experience is unique and never leaves you.”

Wall recently released his fourth studio album, Fast Life in May. To date, the disc has sold 53,800 units. –Elan Mancini

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  • Cooksta !

    Hahha First!
    & Paul Wall Aint Dope In My Opinion
    Slaughterhouse’s Cd Is Dope As Fuck Though

  • Federal Ranga


    I guess he going over there to get the Arab Money for real… Commission!!!

    Episode 5 of the vlog is up!!! Pierzy Co-Produced!!!

  • NetThugKillaCrip6

    Hopefully Dey Stay Over There! Both Wack!

  • D Frank

    # 1 i guess you never had a southern smoke CD cause those joints be bangan. I admit the last few have been bad but over all he’s okay.

    #2 Every blog I go on i tend to see Slaughter House fans. I was not empressed with the CD I listen to. I just don’t understand what all the hypes about. The only one that I give props to is J Ortiz, them other bozos should give it up.

    There are alot other artist out here from other coast doing the damn thing just because you have a so called hip-hop album doesn’t mean your tight. Go pick up some Yo Gotti or the cool kids. expand a little then tell me if that bullshit is dope. no ones saying nothing about Twista, Busta, Jada Kiss or RED and METH all I see is Slaughter house and i’m sick of it

  • Cooksta !

    Red & Meth Always Rock There Shit To The Fullest No Need To Say It When We All Know That
    I Listen To Everything Out There
    Cool Kids Are Good To My Ears So I Fucks With Dem

  • piff

    A black man’s has no place in the white man’s army

  • dusty boy

    Man fuck these wack ass rappers!!! Slaughterhouse is full of shit!! All those rappers aint never really made it, so they decided to make a “rejects”/”close but no cigar” group, (except J Ortiz, that boyz is cold) Both DJ Smallz and Paul Wall are going over seas Slaughterhouse aint goin’ no where.