King Of Diamonds Owner Says The Club Hasn’t Been Sold
King Of Diamonds (KOD) owner, Akinyele, has been a little disturbed lately by the recent rumors circulating around claiming the infamous gentleman's club was sold to outside investors. He has spoken up about the false claims and assures the exotic playground for dancers is still under the …
9 Rappers Who Love Yachts
As summer in in full swing, rappers have pulled out the big toys setting sail on seas all across the globe. Check out a gallery full of boats that we could only dream of sailing in "9 Rappers Who Love Yachts ."
8 More Reasons Why Rappers Should Boycott Florida

In light of the verdict in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial, many popular artists have decided to show their disapproval of Florida and its justice system by vowing to boycott the state on their upcoming tours. From Stevie Wonder (who was the first to announce his boycott) to Alicia Keys to…

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