Kanye West Debuts New Song, Lil Wayne Rips The Stage At VMAs

Lil Wayne took over the MTV VMAs yesterday as the rapper had the most talked about performances–and looks.

Weezy sported a new facial piercing, white pants that rivaled host Russell Brand’s jeans in snuggness, and no shirt as he took the the stage for his solo set. T-Pain joined the Cash Money star as the two performed “Got Money.” Wayne did a medley of his singles, including “Lollipop,” “A Milli,” and “Got Money.”

Later Wayne appeared with Kid Rock on stage, decked out in red jeans, a vest, and a top hat ala Samantha Ronson.

The rapper told MTV News beforehand that he expected his performance to be the biggest of his career.

Wayne, however, was upstaged by Kanye West and Britney Spears.

The pop tart took home three VMAs last night. The honors were the first she ever received from the music network. Spears’ video “Pieces of Me” took home “Best Female Video,” “Best Pop Video,” and “Video of the Year.”

Although all the talk early on was Britney, Britney, Britney, it was West who closed out the show and left people buzzin’ about his new track.

‘Ye’s management told XXLmag.com that the rapper would disclose details regarding his rumored upcoming album. He didn’t talk much; he didn’t rap much either.

West sung his new ‘tune, “Love LockDown,” complete with T-painese vocals.

The Chicago star was decked out in a simple grey suit, and a glowing red heart nestled on his lapel.

West commanded the stage on his own, until the end of the song when a troop of drummers joined him. The song is reportedly set to be available on iTunes today. A rep for Apple had no comment.

T.I. also debuted a new song. The Atlanta rapper was joined by Rihanna for their duet “Live Life,” which will appear on Tip’s Paper Trail LP. The rapper entered the stage performing “Whatever You Like,” before he and the Bohemian singer performed their track–Anthony Thomas

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  • capcobra

    fuck brittney…weezy gay wit a side of tartar sauce…t.i. was o.k…..and kanye deserved to close…that’s all for now………………….

    • iLL G

      thanks but, who the fuck asked you??? lmaoo

      i dont know how britney won anything, thought she fell off???

      wayne was aight that cat really dont do or say anything “eyebrow raising” anymore.

      and Kanyeezy?? i applaud him doin suttin diff. he aint following the stupid trends set by rappers “from the streets.” in fact i believe Kanye is from one of the hardest cities out there, and he still puts out better shit than ur grimiest grimey dude. thought the song was cool

  • Eric

    I am a devout Kanye fan. But I will be honest. There is no way I’m going to listen to an album full of auto-tune and him singing. Ye is one of the greatest of all time, but that song is not a good look at all. He will alienate his hip-hop fans just like Andre 3000 did a few years ago.

    By the way, the whole damn show sucked. Tip’s performance was the best and only watchable moment.

  • love tha police

    i agree…does anybody actually like the tpain effect? didnt feel the new single at all either…then again it could have been the brutal sound quality at those awards…

  • wat-wat-watt

    @ ERIC
    Co-sign about kanye

  • eddiesixes

    kanye been listenin to too much interpol or something…weezy tried to save kid rock’s sinkin ship of a performance but it was too far gone…and since when is rihanna bohemian? hahahaha

    • Valdez

      I personally thought that new Kanye track is str8 up bumpin hard. True, it’s very repetative and he’s not rapping, but I can’t stunt, the sjit was fire. that was the highlight (musically) of the show for me.

      TIs performance was lackluster and weak. Rhianna was the only reason to continue to watch TIs set.

      Wayne is just str8 up gay, but he’s been that way for years now (remember him and his “daddy” be toungin eachother down?) at least gayne is comin out the closet now.

  • droopey

    Why are people buzzin from Britney shes and absolute mess and a wreck. Shes no Sinatra, Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, Pavarotti, Elvis, MJ, Prince or even Tina.

    Im a hater I know.

  • ajwebb

    wayne killed it, he needs 2 drop dediacation 3

  • http://www.billykincaid.com Billy Kincaid

    Rihanna is not Bohemian, she is Barbadian. As in from the country Barbados.

  • ito

    lol @ britney gettin all those pitty awards… like, even she noticed!

  • Flow

    T.I.P. performance was the only watchable moment yesterday, Paper Trail straight fire. and Kanye’s autotune shit is just annoying…

  • Zipho

    I dont believe that Britney was the star of that show. the singles she won for didnt even make top 10 on the billboard. they simply sucked and her album went down the drain to follow her life. The record company is trying to use the VMA’s as publicity. so for me she’s no star at all.

    I hated the Kanye song (i think he’s stuck on the same shit Wayne ate when recording C3). but one thing for sure is we will be singing it in 2 months time so for now while i still have before the contamination “fuk that song”.

    Weezy better keep on shinin very hard coz when the dust settles it wont be fun times anymore for him.

    holler @ ur boy

  • 619

    Lil’ Wayne, autotune, Lil’ Wayne, autotune, yadda, yadda, yadda. Damn is this the only news you got to report on? Lil’ Wayne and Kanye haven’t made any songs without that autotune since their albums came out. These fools forgot how to rap, fuckin’ R&B singers! Britney, video of the year? MTV must have got paid off. I didn’t even watch that bull shit, to busy watching football when wowsers Fox 5 uses Nas’ ‘Hero’ as background music for the promo to their new show. First he makes ‘Sly Fox’ and now this. I don’t even know what to say about it, but money can make people change their tune real quick. The power of the dollar, that’s a damn shame.

  • aquma

    Did you even see the right show???

    Lil Wayne didn’t do lollipop if I remember correctly, I believe he did Don’t Get it with Leona Lewis and a string accompaniment, then a Milli, then Got Money.


  • ONE


    • iLL G

      yea after last nite i wanna put it in pink’s pink area.

  • dez

    dedication 3
    dedication 3
    dedication 3

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I did not see the show but I heard Kanye was singing his ass off. Now all he needs to do is put some make-up on and get an s-curl with the baby hair and he’ll have made his full transformation to a ******* fill in the blank.

    In the sassy voice he uses when he says “Um hum thats that shit” on the song Champion..

    Come on Yaye..

  • Southernbreed

    I was accepting the Auto Tune with Snoop Dogg on Sexual Seduction because it fit that song and he hasn’t done it again.
    I even accepted Lil Wayne doing it on Lollipop cause it fit the song.
    But damn, this is getting out of hand now.
    50 Cent,Yung Berg,N.O.R.E.,Kanye West, Lil’Wayne,Birdman,R.Kelly,Tony Yayo, the damn list goes on and on.
    This is some Bullshit!

    • iLL G

      hell yea! especially when the shit got played when zap and roger raped it. I mean damn talk about bringing shit from the past…autotune shit seems to be the new shit when its maaaaaad old


    I feel 619 on that auto tune it’s cool it’s just gon get old fast t pain useing it less and we need a dedication 3 fast.
    And kanye’s joint was alright I bet he got more fire coming though.
    Is it me or is all of TIPS shit getting leaked?

  • http://www.myspace.com/mc585 REAL TALK


  • moneymulu

    that shit was wack to me… btw wayne performed Misunderstood not Lollipop

    • Skot McTwist

      okay mulu fuck Misunderstood isnt even a song name… its Dontgetit (all one word)yeha thats right… Also a Milli and Got Money were among his performances also All Summer Long with good ol’ kid rock

  • REAL TALK 08

    BEST 5 of the VMA’s 2008!

    2.Kanye West
    3.Chris Brow..Best Male
    4.Christina Aguilera
    5.No Soulja Boy and Yung Berg..lol


    • iLL G

      yo u right!!! i forgot about Aguilera!! oh shit. that was like her little comeback performance right? shit was hot i wanna put it in her pink area too

  • yung storm

    christina aguilera looked too much like britney spears. i thought this bitch was gonna bust out and sing toxic. somebody tell me why jamie foxx came on for 5 minutes and was more funnier than that brit fag russell brand. what was up with his clothes? he looked like he took whatever was in prince closet from the 80s and threw it on. i enjoyed all of the performances this year minus the jonas bros. those 3 fools looked like they were sitting on the sesame street stoop next to oscar the grouch dumpster. pink got a phat booty. didnt really notice till now. lil wayne with a lip ring is gay. sorry homeboy. i like your music but its bad enough you kissed birdman on the lips on national tv .now this.? i cant condone that. kanye west song was trash. not a good first single. maybe he should do a remix. rihanna looked gorgeous. i know chris brown aint beating dat ass. she look like shes too much for him. and somebody gotta tell me how the fuck did brit brit win 3awards for not doing shit?