A Long Island judge granted 50 Cent visitation rights to his son next month after the rapper and the child's mother attended a court hearing today.

The G-Unit head is allowed to see his son unrestricted from August 3-12. According to TMZ, 50 had to submit to a drug test in order to receive visitation. The rapper passed the drug test.

Fif told reporters gathered outside the courtoom after the hearing that "It went pretty good."

He recently told MTV News he missed his son, Marquis, 11, and that not being able to see him was the toughest challenge of his life.

“In the summertime, for the first two years I was successful, my son has traveled with us on those tours,” 50 explained. “He was on the Rock the Mic Tour, he was on the Anger Management Tour. This summer, when he’s free, it’s, like, no communication. It’s tough.”

Tompkins told reporters she didn't trust the rapper as she exited. "Not at all," she said. "Not in any way. I don't."

Previously, Tompkins filed a temporary restraining order against Fif that called for him to stay away from her in public, forfeit any firearms he may have, and pick up his son curbside.

The two have engaged in a public feud over custody of their child and the battle escalated following a fire that burned down the house Tompkins lived in that was owned by the rapper.---Anthony Thomas