Trick Daddy Signs Dunk Ryders To Cash Money

Trick Daddy has inked a deal to bring over his crew and record company, Dunk Ryders, to Cash Money.

The Miami-based outfit are currently working on their debut group album. Before the Dunk Ryders release their proper debut, however, fans can hear them on their new mixtape, Dunk Ride or Die.

The mixtape is hosted by Philadelphia’s DJ Beatstreet and features the Dunk Ryders’ hit “Fuck the Other Side” as well as several Trick Daddy freestyles.

The long-time Slip-N-Slide rapper recently left his recording home and is currently a free agent. Trick brought his company over to Cash Money, but is still negotiating a deal for his next solo album. His last solo project was 2006′s Back by Thug Demand. The album feature the singles “Bet That” and “Tuck Ya Ice.” -Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Dusty Boy

    Thats whats up!! Trick on Cash Money!! Maan Hol’ Up!!!

    • MOE


  • big lp

    thats whats up Cash money about to kill tha game

  • young cg

    cash money is taknin over!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikel

    that5 wat ^ blood

  • Saint

    With all due respect Trick is a kool cat, but why did he get released from slip n slide after all he was the one that put them on the map period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FatSkinnyMan

    Cash Money is a bad move cuz when the Carter flop they gone fold like oragami, except it aint gonna be beautiful…whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

    • Mac Sleepy

      You Ni66az Just Don’t Know Baby & Slim Got That Def Jam Money, On The Low… I You Know Sum Of These Ni66az Can’t Phantom That Thought…

      • DevilintheFlesh


  • 215

    that’s cool even though i think trick daddy doesn’t need cashmoney let’s just hope baby actually respect’s trick and gives him most of his publishing because everybody knows how baby likes to rob niggas of their money

  • Dino

    Who? Trick Daddy?? Dunk Riders? Sorry…I’m not familiar with Bad Hip Hop. Speakin’ of BAD Hip Hop,… who is this Lil Wayne everyone’s gettin’ a boner for? What a chump. Eh yo, Weezy,…what are the tatted tears for, son? The only thing you’ve killed is Hip Hop itself. Hip Hop is MY child, so lemme go Mel Gib on ya,…GIMME BACK MY SON!!!

  • Ambition-1

    Good point ^ above about the potential Carter 3 flop. I’m not gonna say it’s gonna flop cause “Lollipop” got the little honeys on lock and we all know that if the honeys like it then we gonna follow. Its 50 / 50 whether Carter 3 is gonna be what it’s supposed to be. As for Trick, I hope this deal works out to his advantage. Cash Money hasn’t been the best place for already established artists. Take a look at Lil Mo, Mack 10, and even boo & Gotti. Hopefully Trick gets an independent deal with Koch so he can go back to his days.

  • CJ

    check out Jfitted at the hottest artist out the dmv

  • RuN

    SHOUT OUT TO DJ BEATSTREET. Breaking records across ya face 24/7!!!!!!!!

  • Rambo

    Not a good move…

    remember DPG?
    Mack 10?

    Squad up?
    lil mo?

    even if the carter does blow…

    it wont be a ggod look… i peerdict the carter sellin like 400 k at most the first week…


    Late XXL. This was announced back in Feburay in Miami. We been knew that…

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