Foxy Brown Loses Attorney in Florida Assault Case

Foxy Brown, who was released from New York’s Riker’s Island jail last Friday (April 18), appeared in a Florida courtroom this morning for a status hearing on her pending assault case in the state. The charges stem from a February 2007 incident in which the rapper stands accused of spitting and throwing hair glue at a beauty supply store owner in Pembroke Pines. According to the Sun-Sentinel, her attorney Fred Haddad officially withdrew from the case because of “irreconcilable differences” with his client. While it is unclear what exactly caused Haddad to leave the case, local news channel CBS 4 reports that she may have tried to broker a deal with prosecutors without the lawyer’s knowledge. Broward County Judge Joel Lazarus gave Foxy until May 8 to inform the court of her new attorney’s name.

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