After a good amount of controversy and rappers feeling like they were slighted by MTV's Hottest MCs in the Game list - from Kanye calling into DJ Enuff to rant about his #7 spot, to A$AP Rocky claiming he'd rather be left off the list than being placed at #8 - Sway and MTV have finally revealed the entire list.

Predictably, this year's Hottest MC is the Compton upstart Kendrick Lamar, whose debut album got him on just about everybody's best of the year list, and recently won him 3 XXL awards.

Not only a fan favorite, Kendrick's also gotten support from fellow rappers like Danny Brown, who tweeted on Wednesday, "Kendrick is #1 make no mistake bout that or that list is complete fuckery."

Still, Kendrick was surprised to be called the hottest. In an interview with Sway after finding out he was at the top of the list, he explained, "That's crazy. We was looking at the years of the different MCs, and we were like, 'Man, we gotta get on there, we gotta at least get on there.' But to make it to #1, that's a whole 'nother thing... I feel good. Salute!" Check out his reaction above.