Junglepussy drops "You Don't Know," her first single of the summer. The Brooklyn native's message is pretty simple, you don't know nothing about her and should leave her name out your mouth. "Don't watch TV, watch JP I'm better than porn/Above the clouds, you can't get to the level I'm on," raps the boisterous MC. "You Don't Know" comes at the one year anniversary of her debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed. She will be performing at the Brooklyn Museum this weekend for First Saturday on June 6.

JP spoke on the meaning on the song: "Do you really know my itinerary? Do I wake up in your bed? Do you know anyone's life? I've been working on mad new music, it all sounds like a dream come true... I can't take selfies in the stu 'cuz we keep it dimly lit." Stream "You Don't Know" above.

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