Papoose Disses Big Sean In “First Chain (Remix)”

Papoose didn’t take kindly to Big Sean saying he doesn’t know who Pap is. Instead of brushing it off, Pap stepped up and delivered some direct shots to Sean in his remix to “First Chain.” Overall, the diss track has a few lines that pack a punch, notably when he addresses Sean’s album being “trash” and Kanye wearing a skirt. Oh, he also pokes fun at Sean speaking like a “women when he talk.” At least Pap keeps it 100 for NY. Listen to the track, premiered by DJ Kay Slay, below.

[via RapXclusive]

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  • Image Nice

    Pap Got His Foot On Niggaz Neck!!!! Yea, Image Nice Said It!!!!

  • fabian

    pap is craving the attention, so he’s just dissing everybody now, gtfoh

    • FabianAKABigSeanDickrider

      Big Sean fan butthurt because he recognizing that Sean ain’t nice enough to respond.

  • Peso

    Big Sean did diss him like he was a nobody on the breakfast club. I can see why Pap – a battle/mixtape rapper would want to get on Sean Don line but that dont mean he aint craving for attention lmao

  • a person

    how bout this nigga try dropin a album before dissin anybody

    • Peso


    • HairWeaveKilla

      he did dumb ass

  • JRich

    Pap is craving for attention…but honestly he fucks Sean up in this one, haha.

    • Peso

      I reply’ed before I listened to the track, Pap MURDERED this. Battle-wise Pap would put a hurting on a lot of industry dudes and I’ll atleast give him that. As far as a real recording artist go, that …he is not.

  • Kelvin Gupton Jr.

    Yo make a record that people will actually listen to before u start trying to call out all the big dogs Papoose

    • biscuitsnbangers

      lol Big Sean ain’t no fuckin big dog.. hes gonna be Jim Jones status next year.. his album FLOPPED! A$AP Ferg someone who ain’t have no prior material out sold like 15 percent less than him lol


    That shit hot!! fuck a album, this is whats needed!!!

  • Fortress


  • Tha R

    This nigga Papsmear is a joke

  • Real

    Papoose is aight he copying the 50cent blue print diss everyone to be relevant. Hes trying to live off the control hype. Sean wont even respond so this song was pointless. Pap sound like a hater.

  • Real

    Pap wants to really get on get at someone from slaughterhouse

  • that dude

    I’m sorry, Papoose just killed this ninja. I was never and still not a Papoose fan but lets be real people, starving for attention or not he’s keeping hip hop real. Like it used to be. We need more Kendricks and Paps around to keep the balance.

  • Cocaine Howie

    Who the fuck cares about relevance? Listen to the fucking bars. Damn.

  • ChUk SoLo

    fuck big sean when he raps it sounds like hes talking lol hes wack go PAP

  • Chalker Chida

    Pap has always been revelant since 21 gun salute,Big Sean will never compare to pap,so he best not respond,lm detriot but pap he a beast y’all

    • Chris Sheppard

      He’s trash….and his album was a flop… it debuted no. 97 on the charts…. and he’s been rapping for over 10 years….and only has one studio album….. he’s no fucking beast ….

  • Chris Sheppard

    He’s living off these diss records….

  • Chris Sheppard

    I can see you how you could aim for Big Sean….. But you wont get a reaction out of Kanye…. Not going to happen…. & his bars fucking suck…. He could rhyme all day, but his content is trash… It’s not clever at all… His style is too outdated…

  • TheSouthIsHere

    only people sayin this shit is hot are from New York other than Jay Z the rest of the Roc New York is irrelevant in hiphop right now new York rappers don’t make good music its just a bunch a mixtape rappers and niggas battling…