Big Sean stopped through the Power 105 Breakfast Club for the second time this month addressing "Control", the Diddy- J. Cole fight, and the Danny Brown Detroit drama. However when on the topic on "Control" responses, Sean stunned listeners as he responded to Papoose's verse by saying "Who?".

While discussing the outrage that Big Sean's Kendrick Lamar assisted track has stirred in the hip-hop community, the rapper said he's in disbelief. "Man I feel like people are taking it way too serious. People are turning up, especially people that didn't get named", stated Big Sean. Then when Charlamagne brought up the topic of Papoose and his aggressive come back, Sean brushed off the host's comment responding "Who?". Likely taking shots at the relevancy of the rapper's career.

As for the whispers on if he's to blame for the alleged J. Cole-Diddy fight Sean simply states "Rumors is Rumors". Explaining that the rap game is all just a friendly competition."We all do it to be the best at what we do", explained Big Sean.

In response to Danny Brown's comments on Sean's lack of love for their city Sean says Brown was completely out of line and he does not know what Brown was talking about. However he wants no problems with Danny assuring, "I feel like everybody in Detroit has to stick together and not be so one sided".