The Come Up: Alex Wiley

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Dropping Out Of High School:

Alex Wiley: Yeah, I had no idea what I was gonna do. I basically went on winter vacation junior year, and I’ve been on a four-year vacation. I was failing all my classes, I was really fucking up, man. It’s hard to explain, because I don’t think I’m a stupid person, but man. There’s no real excuse, I was just really majorly fucking up in high school, and it was just clear; stay or go, there’s no way you’re graduating on time. I just kind of bailed, really. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s something that happened, and it was definitely a huge moment that changed the course of my life.

There was at least six months where I was just at home all day, not doing anything, and that was sort of the darkest period. And then this fun thing presented itself, and I got kind of good at it. And the rest was just building on top of that.

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  • big fan of alex and mike

    monster mike had the best song on alex wileys cd. XXL needs to put monster mike on their front page and push that nigga. he too raw