Kidd Kidd has been in the game for a while, but is just now starting to get the attention he deserves. The New Orleans native was once affiliated with Young Money and appeared on Lil Wayne’s platinum-selling single “Mrs. Officer.” His grind didn’t stop there as he also got on 50 Cent’s radar—which felt his talents belonged to G-Unit alongside Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Signing to the label in 2011, the newest member of the crew is hungry to get more recognition.

After appearing on numerous songs on 50’s projects, Kidd Kidd is ready to tell his own story. Coming from the N.O. has helped shape his view on life, where he saw the difficulties of the streets that motivated him to make music. His song “Everyday” paints the struggles he’s been through. It’s both painful and moving at the same time.

Kidd Kidd is focus on his forthcoming mixtape, Street Fame, due out in late September. While overseas on tour, he spoke with XXL about getting into rap, his days in Lil Wayne’s Sqad Up, Soulja Slim’s influence and more. Find out about him in The Come Up. —As Told To Eric Diep (@E_Diep)