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Juicy J

Katy Perry inadvertently took a low blow at Drake last week during her Power 105 interview when she called him "soft". While she was trying to praise Juicy J for his kindness, she went the extra level to say that people shouldn't misconstrue the Memphis rapper as being soft like Drake. Juicy J addressed the issue during his interview with Revolt.

"I think everybody loves everybody," said Juicy J during his interview with REVOLT. "I think everything is cool...I think a lot of people take comments and they try to switch them all up in certain kind of ways, but Katy, she loves Drake, Drake is a cool guy. Everybody's cool, man."

Juicy also pointed the fingers at the media for their role in the story.

"It's a lot going on that [the media] could be talking about, but they only want to do the stupid ignorant stuff that don't even make sense," Juicy says.