Katy Perry VMA Performance Of Roar



Katy Perry broke her way into hip-hop radio stations with her single “Dark House” featuring Juicy J . With her single making tremors on all radio stations, she caught the attention of Power 105’s Breakfast Club and had an interview with them earlier this morning to discuss her new video “Birthday Cake”. While touching on a myriad of topics, she spoke on Juicy J being a kind guy, but not as soft as Drake.

The conversation first began when she spoke on her single "Dark Horse" and Juicy J. “Aww he’s so sweet,” said Katy. He’s such a sweet genuine guy. He’s such an amazing hard worker. I’ve worked with a lot of people that I’ve done little pieces on songs and not that they got an ego, but Juicy’s the kindest,” she said.

While she applauded Juicy’s kindness, she didn’t want to misconstrue his trill demeanor. Instead, she went on to throw Drake under the fire as being the ideal soft guy. “He’s like the most kindest sympathetic…I don’t want to make him out to be softer than Drake, but like,” she said before being interrupted by the gang. With her comment causing a huge uproar from the Power 105 crew, she would then reiterate by saying, “I love Drake. He’s like my secret diary.” -Carl Lamarre