New Video, Mike G Featuring Left Brain & The Internet “Lincoln”

Mike G cruises through town with his lady in the passenger seat in his latest video for his track “Lincoln” featuring MellowHype member Left Brain and The Internet. The low-key and laid back Odd Future member’s day goes to hell when he is kidnapped while in his car. The MC’s delivery is perfect for this groovy tune that gets chopped and screwed at the end for a trippy experience you will enjoy. Watch the video above. Its directed By Etienne Maurice & Rob Haffey. Cinematography by Mike Koziel.

[via SPIN]

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  • Richard Evans

    Is this what the kids call music today? Well this is NOT real music and I won’t allow my kids to listen to this filth. I am shutting off the internet first thing tomorrow if I have to see my kids use the internet I PAY FOR to leave trash like this on Facebook when they think I can’t see!


    • tokin ewoks


    • Hannya

      LOL Good for you.

  • Les Paul

    You have the audacity to come on to a HIP HOP website and degrade the one artist in OF That’s on the smoothest tip.

    He’s not even talking about degrading or disrespectful things. He’s MIKE G. GTFO it
    You turning off the internet is one of the main reason’s white kids are going buck wild now. This is everyday life for the youth in the hoods, all over this country.

    Maybe if gov’t actually cared about this kids, the outlet in which they write their music would be more positive.

    OF don’t need your money. they getting bread you couldn’t imagine. Hater.