Meek Mill And Odd Future Rock Peter Rosenberg’s Peterpalooza

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Photos Courtesy Of Lauren Gesswein

While Hot 97′s veteran-DJ Peter Rosenberg may be most known for his now-infamous remarks about Nicki Minaj at last year’s Summer Jam, in the hip-hop community he’s recognized for much more than that. So, to celebrate his birthday, he threw the 2nd Annual Peterpalooza concert in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Park with a rather untraditional roster of rappers including Meek Mill, Schoolboy Q, Odd Future and World’s Fair. It may seem like a strange mix, but Rosenberg explains the logic behind having such a variety pretty simply: “I wanted a bunch of different perspectives and a whole bunch of different kinds of artists there. I didn’t wanna just have only people who messed with each other. I wanted it to show all the great things that hip-hop has.”

Still, many were surprised to see only one hometown act on the line-up, since Rosenberg is especially known for illuminating New York artists. To this, he says, “I feel like I’ve already covered my bases in New York. I play a lot of local artists. So I was like, ‘I think this show should represent a lot of different stuff.’ So I didn’t even hesitate on that. And I think it’s cool to put on an act like World’s Fair who’s gaining attraction in New York.” Despite only having one representer on the bill, trust and believe that NYC still found a way to be fully represented.

Leading up to the show, a concern that still faced Rosenberg were low ticket sales, forcing him to cut the ticket prices in half. He mentions, “Frankly, I think the divide that I wanted to have also made it a little weird for tickets. We dropped the ticket price because we wanted everyone to come.” So, under Saturday’s thundering Brooklyn skies, masses of fans jammed in the rain to an unforgettable show. Click through for a few key moments, just in case you couldn’t make it out to Brooklyn yourself, and check out our photo gallery from the event above.—Abrea Armstrong (@abreaknowsbest)

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