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The case for stealing

One of the benefits, if you will, of not having a quote-unquote real job is having those few extra hours in the afternoon when you're done with your work for the day, but before it's a good idea to start ...

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Soon You’ll Understand

1. Cam doesn't like Koch Records anymore. 2. makes a lot of money. 3. The Dips are guaranteed 8 dollars a record from Asylum. 4. Cam got tired of fighting Koch Records CEO Alan Grumblatt for his money. 5. Def Jam is his ...

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Gotta Have It

Yup, Lupe's LP leaked. Van damn! Well shit happens in hip-hop when a bloodthirsty rap fan from every corner is adamant about getting his hands on the hot product before his homies. Truth be told, getting my grip on the ...

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