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July 2006

Cover Story "Yesterday & Today" D12 and XXL remember the life of Deshaun Dupree “Proof” Holton. R.I.P. Features "If You Ain’t Gangsta" He’s been making movies for 15 years now, recently killed it in reality television and is releasing a new album after a six-year ...

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We’re Gonna Make It

This month, after a 10-second by-myself meeting, I decided not to share a cover subject. I thought to myself, Hey, YN, that might not be the best thing for business. Plus, Christina Milian’s pretty ass is a singer, and this ...

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Stay Tru

For more than a decade, up until his shooting death on April 11, Deshaun Dupree “Proof” Holton was a leading figure on the Detroit rap scene. In the mid-’90s, as host and frequent participant at the famed open-mic night at ...

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Ice Cube
If You Ain’t Gangsta

Upstairs, in the studios that house New York radio station Hot 97, a small knot of people await this afternoon’s special guest. Downstairs, in the lobby of the building—also home to N.Y.C.’s carpenter union—the man they’re waiting for is wearing ...

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Pop U

“Stucheeo.” It’s called “stucheeo.” That may not be how it’s spelled, but that’s beside the point. In reality, it’s “studio,” and probably spelled “s-t-u-d-i-o.” But at some point, the owner decided to put on a faux French accent and said, ...

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Don’t Get Carried Away

On May 8, Time magazine published its annual “Time 100,” a list of the most influential people in the world. The tastemakers at the newsmagazine put Sean “Diddy” Combs on the list as a member of the “Builders & Titans” ...

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Show & Prove
Young Dro

“I’ve been serious all my life,” says 27-year-old Young Dro, just days before shooting the video for his hood smash “Shoulder Lean” in Atlanta. “But I find fun in my music.” Lacing his lead single with whimsical phrases like “lima ...

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Rappers vs. Internet thugs

Sometimes I wonder if the Internet is the worst thing to happen to rappers yet. Tipper Gore, Bill O'Reilly and the Hip-Hop Cops have nothing on the beast that is the Internet. I know, I know, MySpace is supposed to be ...

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Just a quick note since this site's been down all fuckin' day(A). Mr. Big Mouth broke his recent anti-press stance(B) and went to Sirius radio last night and taped an interview with the Latin cats who run I got ...

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